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The year 2172 is nearly over. Mankind has expanded to the stars, colonizing Mars and looking to move beyond. It would like to believe that until now it has known peace. The nations of Earth have ceased their petty differences and formed a coalition into a single unified body known as the United Earth Sphere Alliance. They turned their attention toward space, creating colonies in orbit around the Earth, on the Moon, pushing on toward Mars using various discovered methods, including an ancient hypergate on the Moon that led directly to the red planet. Though a century ago, the War for Lunar Autonomy nearly threatened the world's stability, the United Earth Sphere Alliance, with the help of the foremost corporate authority on Earth, Nergal Heavy Industries, put down this rebellion swiftly and utterly.


The UESA would have us believe that there was everlasting peace after this. Expansion continued unabated, but various colonies further away from the Earth came under attack, with no reports reaching the masses of the Earth Sphere as to how or why, or that it was even happening. In the midst of their continued rise, the United Earth Sphere Alliance was fighting a shadow war against an unknown enemy. In the wake of these continued assaults, the UESA, which had initially planned to work mutually with its colonies, slowly began to oppress them, from the colonies closest to the Earth Sphere on outward.

Eventually, a wondrous material known as Metatron was discovered, and this revolutionized mankind's expansion into space tenfold. Its ability to manipulate space and defy gravity was incorporated into a variety of machinery, most notably the Urenbeck Catapult, which compressed space to allow high-speed travel across the Solar System without relying on the lunar Hypergate.


Nergal furthered mankind's ability to adapt to the new frontier with its nanotechnology. Nanomachines helped to terraform Mars and create a livable, Earth-like atmosphere. Those who lived in cities directly supplied by Nergal could even gain nanomachines to adapt their bodies to a fully Earth-like level rather than the weaker, more frail constitutions the lower gravity would give them. However, other government projects from Earth furthered the push into space, in particular the MJP project, which was centered around genetically engineering "evolved humans" to adapt to even deeper space environments.

Through this all, a variety of weapons were created as well—the oldest among them being the Mobile Suit and the Armored Core. The Mobile Suit is an all-purpose design that has served equally in Earth and space, while the Armored Core is a smaller, more compact, but highly modular design originating from the Muscle Tracer, or MT, which also acted as a predecessor to the design of the Mobile Suit. Back on Earth, the design evolved even further for support of conventional vehicles into the Arm Slave, a mobile weapon even smaller than the 12-meter Armored Core. All of this was made possible through the application of the mysterious Black Technology, which is the root of all of Earth's forward development to this day.


By now, Mars is a highly populated colony, full of cities and facilities overseen loosely by the UESA and sponsored by one of three powerful corporations: Nergal, of course, being the pioneers of Martian development, are the most prominent presence on the Red Planet. Behind them are the Emeraude Corporation, which is aggressively attempting to fight them for supremacy, and finally in third place are the Balena Corporation, which lacks the sheer manpower of either and is content to sit back and take the spoils of whatever conflicts the larger companies get into. These corporations, like many groups, use the Armored Core pilots known as Ravens to do their dirty work. Controlled by a separate organization known as Nerves Concord, the Ravens are not limited by nationality or allegiance to the UESA in their choice of missions. So long as they do not become a danger to all parties, they may continue to do their business, while testing their skills on the Earth and Martian arenas.

As the shadow war continued to go on, discrimination and oppression eventually reached some of the less fortunate districts of Mars, where the UESA began to actively put down the Martians, giving them the derisive moniker of "Ender", implying they were as far as could possibly be from the superiority of Earth for where they lived and for their weaker bodies. This began to create rebel sentiments both on the Red Planet and on the colonies closer to the Earth Sphere. A cry for independence against an increasingly obstinate and controlling governing body who saw no place for independence in the world it was creating.

Calamity finally struck in 2158. The unknown enemy made themselves known as the Holy VERS Empire, the abandoned and forgotten descendants of the War for Lunar Autonomy, who had lived hidden on Mars until then. They commenced a massive assault on the Moon, with some of their landing troops even making it to Earth. As the battle in space grew more and more intense, this group of Martian rebels saw fit to detonate the hypergate as one final act of spite against the Earth government.

Half of the Moon was lost in the resulting massive explosion. Fragments fell to Earth. Gravity was distorted. Earthquakes and tsunamis continued to wrack mankind's birthplace for some time, and whatever fragments didn't fall to Earth created a dangerous zone of asteroids known as the Satellite Belt. The VERS were the unknown enemy. Rather than being some kind of invading space aliens, they were all too human. But after this initial assault, that seemed to be the end of major offensives against Earth. With the hypergate gone, there was no further major way for VERS to attack Earth. However, the incident would go down in history as Heaven's Fall. The day when Earth was changed forevermore.

Shortly thereafter, an object from deep space made its own crash into Earth. This object turned out to be a spaceship of alien origin. The Alliance swiftly took to restoring this vessel for their personal use. This decision did not sit well with certain member states, and new conflicts arose all throughout the process. Delays of the ship's debut resulted from these wars, but eventually the dissenters were quelled in 2171. In this year, the ship, christened "Macross", would go on its maiden voyage. After a launch accident, and the firing of its main cannon toward alien spaceships in Earth's orbit, the Macross and its force of Variable Fighters entered into conflict with descent forces from these new, unknown invaders. A pitched battle in the city would ensue, and the survivors would board the Macross. But with the attacks unceasing, the ship decided to escape by initiating an experimental "space fold", taking itself, two aircraft carriers, and a portion of the surrounding city with itself to parts unknown...

As a result of these repeated conflicts, the UESA clamped down even harder on their colonies to both keep further rebellions from happening, and mobilize their growing forces of mobile weapons against the inevitable next assault. Their fears proved to be fulfilled by their very own efforts at keeping them from becoming reality, but there was, however, one brief hope for the colonies orbiting the Earth Sphere. An envoy of peace named Heero Yuy spoke in favor of peace with Earth, and not only that, but between Earth and VERS. He spoke out for reconciliation and a disarmament of all parties to return to proper harmony as humans should live.

Unfortunately, the UESA was quite stubborn and even with the chance that VERS might attempt for peace, total disarmament seemed a radical and self-destructive change. What if there were any more dangers on the horizon? How could they fight?

Heero Yuy was swiftly assassinated, and with his death, the colonies fully decided to rebel against them. Some years later, Mars got in on the act as well. They used Metatron to create powerful mobile weapons of their own—Orbital Frames. These far outperformed anything the Earth boasted, and this rebel organization formed a secret alliance with the VERS Empire as well as unknown backers.

The alien invaders known as the Wulgaru, using strange machines that had an even further advantage over Earth's military, and evening the odds of numbers through their unmanned buglike robots known as Batta and more powerful Katonbo destroyers, which were spawned from seemingly bottomless carriers known as Tulips, began making their push against humanity.

With their forces outmatched, Earth turned to their program for evolved humans for soldiers, along with their already instated program to train as many as possible in piloting the "Kataphrakt", a variant design of the Armored Core. The MJP project, the source of the evolved humans, turned up several recruits and prototype combat machines known as Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Devices, or AHSMB(pronounced "Ahsumbee"). These five evolved children were known as Team Rabbits, and though their time at the training academy was less than stellar, earning them the nickname of the "Fail Five", they soon proved themselves in real combat, to the point of being used as propaganda to drum up morale. Corporations have even plastered their logos on their machines, and the media constantly follows their exploits.

Team Rabbits' latest mission: Come to Mars to assist in the rescue of civilians and important personnel. With their command ship the Godinion, they move toward the Red Planet to fight Wulgaru and rebel alike.

Another ship is also making its move to Mars. Nergal Heavy Industries' latest battleship Nadesico, among the most advanced Earth has ever fielded, makes its move to rescue vital personnel from one of the corporation's own labs, as well as assisting if possible in removing the rebel presence from the Martian colony city of Antilia.

Aboard this vessel, with residential-level amenities, a powerful space-distorting shield generator, and its mighty Gravity Blaster, are the true stars of our story, however. The pilots of Nergal subsidiary Ars Ltd. Unknown to some of them, they bear a great power that few know of. The power of the spirit, they say, that allows them to defy the laws of reality itself.

The power of Magic.

These pilots, secretly codenamed the Ars Magi, have been given advanced units of their own, and are to assist Nergal in their mission... While making recoveries and discoveries of their own.Super Robot Wars M is a forum roleplay on Fan Fiction Dot Net, started by a few dedicated Super Robot Wars fans intent on emulating the storytelling style of the games with their favorite franchises wherein the stories of several series are woven together while told primarily through the eyes of the Original Generation protagonists, while participating in setpieces from the various featured shows and letting the crossover element throw wrenches into those setpieces all the while.

It went into stasis for some time, but now it's back in action with new R Pers, new mecha, and a new, more defined direction! And then it got rebooted again, solidly going forward in something that has a much tighter theme.

The series presently featured are:

As of the reboot, this RP contains examples of:

  • Big Damn Heroes: Chains of them! First we have Layzner coming in to fight off the Gradosian raid on Antilia, then Jehuty shows up to help, then Cheryl in her Apollo's Chariot AC. Then in Vascilia, we have Mirai and her friends making a grand entrance, Madeline in her Super Scimitar making her own attack, Inori saving her from an ambush by a Raven, and Team Rabbits and the Godinion showing up to further reinforce them against the enemy onslaught.
    • Rex Ryder attempted this in his [[Mook Leo]] but failed miserably. Luckily he recovered and proved a valuable ally to Mirai in fighting off SPTs.

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