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The Story

Academy City. A place of learning. Of immense advancement. Of research into the makings of the World. Built into what was once Tokyo, and around a long-standing area known as Fuyuki City, in 1947, founded by Aleister Crowley for the learning of preternatural abilities. Divided into 23 major districts, with outskirts from ordinary Tokyo, and recognized as a sovereign, independent state, Academy City has prospered to this day, being 30 years ahead of the rest of the world in all its technology. Within Academy City are the subject of most of its major research, the "Espers." They are placed in a special curriculum to teach them how to make use of their extraordinary abilities, and ranked according to their level of power and versatility, from Level 0 to Level 5.


As such, there is an immense social class system at work within Academy City concerning the Espers. Low-level Espers are given the bare minimum to survive in Academy City, while Level 5 Espers are given the best of everything, and told to get even better than that. The Level 5 Espers are considered to be the most dangerous beings in Academy City as well.

But that is not the only side of things. In the Fuyuki section of Academy City, before its establishment, there is a long-standing conflict known as the Holy Grail War. While its purpose has changed throughout the years, it is currently a battle that occurs with sponsorship from the Catholic Church to claim the "Holy Grail" after a battle between seven chosen "Magi", practitioners of magic, and several "Servants", spirits of heroes from days long past called into this world again so they might claim the Grail and have theirs and their Master Magus' wish granted. The scientifically-driven Academy City treats the Grail War dismissively so long as their order is not disrupted by its happenings, as had nearly occurred during the Fourth War of the 1990s. The grand architects of the Holy Grail War are three great families—The Einzberns, the Tohsaka clan, and the Matou clan, with the Church mediating the affair.


Another major group within Academy City, further dedicated to the research of Espers and similar abilities, and with a controlling interest the world over, is the pharmaceutical company known as Mid Bio Informatics, or MBI, owned by one Minaka Hiroto. It has commenced a special plan within Academy City. 108 empowered beings have been released to find certain special humans within. These beings are known as Sekirei, and they seek humans with which they resonate to form contracts, known as Ashikabi.

But even with all these controlled conspiracies, there still lies a chaos... Mysterious disappearances occur frequently, and none of their causes can be connected to anything caused by an Esper or "Magus." As well, there have been mysterious suicides happening all throughout the city. Not to mention that various low-level Espers have been disappearing as well. Academy City is a place of many mysteries, and many terrors.


But more than a few heroes.


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Super Magic Wars V is a forum roleplay on Fan with a Super Robot Wars-style crossover, where the crossover takes place in a merged world that has all the various plot points of the series complementing each other rather than treated as a new experience from any one side. Of course, this also means there are Original Generation heroes and villains, in this case being the mysterious magical warriors recruited by the mascot Kuma, to fight the mysterious Void Beasts...

...All while dealing with the rest of the plotlines on the side, and many times alongside, with things already Off the Rails.

This Forum Roleplay contains examples of:

  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Done in the style of Super Robot Wars, as in the name and as said above. The plots are all taking place in a single cohesive world rather than a mashup crossover of unknown elements meeting each other. The unknowns make better contact through the main characters themselves rather than through the universe as a whole, with each member of the cast learning something new about what's going on.
  • Original Generation: As said above, the Magical Girls/Warriors anointed by a mascot named Kuma and his counterpart Astra, which fight the Void Beasts, monsters seemingly made of rotting flesh with an appetite for magic and other related energies.
  • Off the Rails: Examples so far of plots deviating from canon:

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