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Roleplay / Strike Witches Twenty Twelve

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An RP on NationStates created by Rupudska, and included in Nightkills Shit. It is based on the anime series of Strike Witches.

In AD 2001, war was beginning.

Okay, maybe the Third Neuroi War didn't begin in 2001, but the chain reaction leading to it did. In early June, there were numerous reports of UFO's in northeast Manchuria. In mid-September, two unidentified aircraft slammed into the World Trade Center in New York City; a third was shot down upon sighting. The WTC collapsed, and its destruction was promptly blamed on faulty engineering by Liberion's then-president Bill Clinton. After that, things got fairly quiet. Odd, but quiet. Reports of strange stormclouds, that did not bring rain, but seemed to have UFO's coming out of them. Governments of the world called the UFO's hearsay in order to calm down frightened citizens.


The ruse didn't last, however. By late 2009, the South Pacific was becoming notorious for sudden, violent storms, and ships getting sunk by what young sailors described as 'bright red lightning', which cut through the wooden junks like a hot knife through butter. Curious, and a bit suspicious, Fuso's Emperor ordered an E-3 Sentry to be sent into the Pacific near the Fiji Islands, where many of the attacks had taken place.

It was blown to pieces.

The curiosity of many of the world powers quickly turned into fear, and Fuso sent a flight of six rookie F-2A Witches to investigate. Only two made it back, one bleeding heavily. The reports of sudden storms increased dramatically in frequency over the next few months, and the number of sunken ships in the area increased at an even faster rate. By March of 2010, a report from an Australis Witch all but confirmed the worst nightmare of every soldier, citizen, and politician on Earth: The Neuroi were back. And with them, a new band of Witches would be needed. A new Joint Strike Wing. A new 501st.


This is their story.

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