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Japan, 2057. The world is in an era of peace and progression unseen within the past decades, technology advancing faster than ethics can form around them. This has opened up a blend of modern-living, and a taste of the future to all. Transportation has been reinvented, robotics has entered a new bold new era, and the economy has never been better.

And with that, Hopes’ Peak Academy has begun scouting for their first ever class of the most talented students in the country, a school with the intention to hone said talents and boost prosperity and hope even further beyond!


The newly constructed Kesshou Tower Campus is a facility designated by many as a shining example of the future of architecture at work. Second only to the Tokyo Skytree, Kesshou Tower houses possibly the most future-ready, innovative high school campus in the entire world. Despite its large appearance, however, it actually is meant to accommodate just 60 students maximum, 20 for each class year! The rest of the tower holds staff rooms, and the plethora of important facilities it offers. Not much about this facilities is detailed, but representatives confirm their utmost importance to the process of education.

A recent announcement has told the public that students, although being scouted for specific talents, will not be given supposed anticipated ‘titles’ during their school time. A press release given only a few days ago has noted that although the lack of titles may result in a lack of diversity among the small student body, a representative implores this:


“Togetherness and brotherhood will bind these children of the future together, and will be their guiding light towards making the country of Japan the greatest on Earth.“

Sleepless Citizen is a tumblr and Skype based roleplay inspired by the Danganronpa series of games.

Tropes appearing in Sleepless Citizen include:

  • A House Divided: Many of the students fail to see eye-to-eye, especially whilst under the stress of a murder game.
  • Amateur Sleuth: Students are expected to play this role following a body drop, as they are responsible for finding evidence to uncover the true culprit.
  • Anyone Can Die
  • Characters Dropping Like Flies
  • Children Forced to Kill
  • Comm Links: Everyone watch is equipped with a group chat and a tracker, making it easy for the cast to communicate and find each other during non-closure periods.
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  • Cruel and Unusual Death: The executions, in particular, are specific to each student and are intended to turn their own talents against them. The deaths are especially cruel when you remember that these are teenagers, who have their whole lives ahead of them.
  • Developing Doomed Characters
  • Gilded Cage: They have all of Japan at their fingertips. However, when Closure rolls around, it's painfully apparent that none of them are actually free.
  • Kangaroo Court: There's no known way to avoid passing down a guilty verdict. Someone will be executed.
  • Mustache Vandalism: During chapter 1, Fukai goes out of her way to vandalize every screen in Akihabara she can find. This pays off as Boufana appears at the start of closure with a mustache hovering on her face.
  • Mystery of the Week: Bodies drop on a set schedule. The living characters have a period of time during which they must solve the mystery of who committed a murder, at which point, a trial ensues.
  • Public Execution: Whenever a culprit is discovered, they are executed...and everyone else is forced to watch.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: Chapter 1 investigation. Particularly, Fukai, Yumemi, and Yajiro.


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