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Shipping Up To Boston is a Tumblr crime roleplay set in South Boston. It follows the lives of South Boston residents after Billy Sullivan, Southie's biggest mobster, is mysteriously killed. Civilians, cops, gangsters, and a mysterious vigilante movement clash and coexist as they try to determine their place in Boston and not die.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Abandoned Area: The old shack Nor Sullivan often spends time hiding out in.
  • Abusive Parent: Billy Sullivan on an emotional level on several occasions.
    • It’s even mentioned at Billy forced Rory Flynn to smoke a cigarette to the butt which ended in Rory throwing up.
    • Also seen in Rafe Burke due to the pressure he puts on his daughter Jamie Burke to be his idea of a perfect child.
    • It’s also mentioned that Petra Benson’s parents were often downright neglectful to their child.
  • Adult Fear: Losing both your wife and your parents in an attack on your home.
    • People who caused said event arriving in the city to fled to.
  • Anyone Can Die: The story all begins with Brigid Boy leader Billy Sullivan getting shot in broad daylight.
  • Anti-Hero: Most of the characters can be taken as this, especially those on the side of the Brigid Boys.
  • Berserk Button: Touch the Sullivan twins, and see how Jonny reacts.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: The Sullivans with two dead parents, a bastard son who has only recently joined up with the family, a pair of twins with opposite goals in life, a private investigator uncle and Brigid Boy aunt all with a trouble making cousin.
    • Also the Burke family. While the children are all fairly normal, the parents have a lot of relationship counselling to go through.
    • This also applies to Mary and Jesse, seeing as the former has the latter believing that she is his sister, where she is actually his mother.
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  • Boarding School: Billy saw this as the only way to get Eleanor to clean up her act.
  • Brother-Sister Team: Nor and Rory Flynn are a good example of this.
  • Dirty Cop: Not all cops are clean in South Boston. Neil is a prime example of this.
    • Marc could possibly be an example as well, seeing as his loyalty is more aligned with the Bridgid Boys.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: The relationship between Sarah Mitchell and Kennedy Mitchell.
  • High School Hustler: This can safely apply to both Sophie and Drew, having to do whatever they could to survive.
  • The Irish Mob: Seeing as Billy Sullivan is Irish and is Southie's biggest mobster, this trope plays a significant role in the game.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Played to an extent with Jake in regards to the Sullivans, seeing as he's Billy's bastard son.
  • Promotion to Parent: After Billy's death, Jake tries to be this to his half-siblings while he tries to clean up his father's mess; however, he doesn't know what it actually entails.


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