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Roleplay / Shadow Over Basingsport

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"A cult for the elder gods has warped reality, dimensions blending and ripped apart-some have ended up in an empty city, with empty souls and fog-laden streets. What is Basingsport? Could their foul rituals have been answered?"

A brand-spanking new forum-based Roleplaying Game heavily inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and also Silent Hill and The World of Darkness, run by a couple. The premise is that a cult wanted to become a part of their god so they used a ritual to do so-it backfired. Now people from different worlds are brought to a city apparently in New England, some bringing their homes with them.


They aren't the only things there- faceless 'people' that seem to neither be alive or dead are there... and possibly others.

So far, mostly the cast consists of a lot of young teenagers, the oldest of those having spent about half of her life in an insane asylum. The adults are Death of the Endless, Xanatos and a light-based mage from League of Legends. Oh and the cult.

Some unique features include The Corruption mechanic-go far enough, the character will become unplayable. Another is how abilities can be leveled.


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