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Roleplay / Sabra La Tau

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Death is Temporary; Tattoos are Forever

"Thou art a Blank slate, unburdened from thy past.

Thou shalt fight in the Judges' games, to reclaim thy past.

Thou shalt honor the rule of the Judges above all else here and know no other patrons.

Who was once thy friends and allies mattereth not to a Blank. Thy unit is thy family here. None other can thou trust.

Thou hast entered this place willingly."

Sabra La Tau is a panfandom roleplaying game on Insane Journal. Upon entering the game, every character is without memories, without a concept of themselves or even what "normal" is, and put on a team of six where they must compete in the games. If they win, they receive memories. And should they lose? Well, that depends entirely on the Judge. Most of the times, loss means nothing, but it all depends on the Judges. However, to those who dare to throw a game for anyone aside from their own team, punishment is sure to come and it's up to the Judges to decide what it means to throw a game or not to throw a game.


Do not be fooled by the word "game". A game could be as silly as Truth or Dare or as scary as War Room where loss of life is all, but guaranteed. Life in Sabra La Tau is not pleasant, so hopefully whatever wish the Blanks have, it's worth the hardships. Stuck under the earth in a sprawling stone labyrinth, there is no escape except to win a wish from the Judges and to win, one has to play.

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