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"And after the First, came a great many, for the gods were impatient and wanted to enter the universe already seriously omg this is going to take forever if we wait in line. But alas, the door was far too small for such behavior, and a cry went up among the masses: 'no guys stop pushing we can't all go in at once!' In time, the universe rang with the resulting commotion until none could hear a thing over all that ruckus. And this event became known as the First Shenanigan."
Crystal, more or less summing up the RP.

Not long ago, tens of thousands of Homestuck fans around the world came together, guided by the Horrorterrors in a game of Sburb with a twist. From them, they learned the universe they were destined to create would prove defective, the game its inhabitants would play doomed to failure. Worse yet one of its players, Chronos, would, in his hunger for power slaughter his fellows, making his way to our universe in a bid to correct his own’s creation and guarantee his victory. Left alone these actions would cement his seat of power and state as threat to Paradox Space at large, but by destroying the frog Chronos bred and initiating a Scratch the players managed to erase his universe from the flow of Paradox Space and him with it, at the cost of their memories and experiences.

Fast forward a few days. In the wake of the Scratch life is back to normal, and all is seemingly as it should be. But of course, it’s never ‘that’ easy; as former players begin to regain their memories, they learn things didn’t end as neatly as they’d thought last time, and with old foes and new allies alike along for the ride they engage in an even more high-stakes game of Sburb that could shake Paradox Space to its very core…


A hybrid Roleplay/ARG, SCODE is a Fan Sequel to the highly-popular Sbarg ARG, following a group of players engaging in yet another world-defying adventure. The main blog can be found here, a resource containing an FAQ, timeline, and list of important players can be found here, and the wiki, a WIP, can be found here.

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