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Roleplay / Route 29

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Welcome to the world of Pokémon! Here's your starter. Enjoy the soundtrack.

For a non-laconic version, Route 29 is a Journal Roleplay that works as a bit of a darker Fusion Fic set in Johto, the main region of Generation II of the Pokémon franchise (and their Generation IV remakes). None of the characters in the original Pokémon setting are playable - all of them are NPCs kept only to keep the worldsetting from collapsing on itself. Instead, characters from any and all other walks of life and fandoms find themselves waking up either in a Team Rocket base or in "Mom's" house, ready to begin their lives as Pokémon Trainers!


Hilarity Ensues.

Originally, the game was located here, but then it later moved to Dreamwidth.

This game provides examples of:


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