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For Drake Fey'lya it was a simple plan: get a crew. Get some jobs. Build an empire.

He probably should have spent more time on the first part.

A campaign of Edge of the Empire, it chronicles the journey of a group of upstarts, misfits, runaways and refugees as they form a crew as they become seasoned operators in the Nar Shaddaa underworld. Drake Fey'lya is the child of a family of businessmen who are funding him to generate "alternate revenue streams" and have given him an Sorosub Luxury Space Yacht, armed to the teeth with both civilian grade weapons and amenities. Aralai is a slave who escaped Black Sun violently, still searching for freedom from the past and continually haunted by the prospect of revenge from the criminal empire of Black Sun. Bulldawg is a bounty hunter who has found himself on the wrong side of his former profession. TM-89 is as astromech Droid with a tendency towards cursing in binary and a fascination with Wookie pornography. And then there is the dysfunctional family of mechanic Zeb, kleptomanic slicer Morgan, on the run to protect their younger brother Barry, who witnessed the murder of their parents, and their family doctor, a converted B-1 Battle Droid named Patches, who has extensive modifications as well as an interesting outlook on causing "harm".


Their story is like thousands of others until a chance encounter, and one very (un?)lucky hyper jump hands them classified Imperial data about a Bacta shipment. Unable to pass up the temptation, the crew tries their hand at piracy,and against all odds find themselves in possession of a Citadel Light Freighter, filled to the brim with precious Bacta. The crew suddenly needs to find out what to do with crushing costs of repairing two battered ships, a group of dissatisfied pirates, something of a partnership with the Rebel Alliance and...where's Barry? And why is the dockmaster screaming about a stolen shuttle?


This work contains examples of:

  • Ace Pilot: Aralai, who starts out good, and only gets better with The Force. This was how her Force sensitivity was discovered, because as the GM said it 'There are three people who can fly like that. Rogue Squadron, the 181st Fighter Group, and Force Sensitives. And I don't see a military uniform.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Barry. Nine years old, no concept of property beyond 'I want that', and has the computer skills to break into Imperial military facilities without batting an eye.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: When the Black Rose serves a bounty the Empire placed on a particularly nasty slaver, Aralai subjects him to this by means of vengeance for her own past. This incident is what prompts Patches to get her anger management at power fist-point
  • Combat Medic: Patches has the Intellect to, well, patch you up and the Brawn to haul your unconscious body to safety, but he puts the Brawn to use with shock gloves, and uses that Intellect to go after pressure points.
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  • Consummate Professional: Drake is rather professional and is rather focuser on the business side of operations. Also, there's this:
    Aralai: “Would you take it personally if one of your employees blew up a warehouse with two cases of thermal detonators?”
    Drake: “No, not really. Killing you would be entirely professional.”
  • Cool Starship: Breaking with the norms of Edge of the Empire, the group started with a Sorosuub 3000 Luxury Yacht instead of a more traditional light freighter. However, the Black Rose, a heavily modified Citadel-class light freighter, fits the bill more appropriately, as a heavily armed and tricked out beauty.
  • The Cracker: Morgan, in spades. While there notes of Playful Hacker, Morgan's love of code slicing, combined with kleptomaniac means that her idea of "pranks" includes programming missiles to "return to sender" and laying false trails while stealing Black Sun data to the poor slob who the crew is impersonating.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The initial session featured a broader player base which shrank for regular gameplay. The crew also started off in a yacht called The Red Empress before they stole and upgraded a tougher Citadel-class into the Black Rose.
    • Morgan was also originally 9, but was aged up to 14 to make her slicing feats more realistic.
  • Genius Bruiser: As the party doctor, Patches has considerably higher intelligence than most but is still physically stronger than most and is a more than capable fighter. Enough so that he one-shots a Rancor.
  • Hollywood Hacking: Morgan gleefully gets away with this. While there are hard and fast rules of certain Computers checks, feats include raising a public bridge on the fly, and creating on the fly electronic countermeasures to help the Black Rose escape.
  • Jerkass: Aralai. An escaped slave with, as her player put it, anger management issues and an itchy trigger finger. She grows out of it after her Force sensitivity is discovered and Patches threatens to space her if she doesn't tone it down
  • Loophole Abuse: A twofold one for Patches
    • While his programming includes the part of the Hippocratic Oath that was simplified to "Do No Harm", it has developed into something of a Zeroth Law Rebellion, where he has no problem in attacking others, as long as he protects his charges to decrease the overall level of "harm" around him. It still does cause him to discourage killing unless absolutely necessary and he himself uses non-lethal weaponry, but...
    • In the game mechanics, most NPC characters do not have a damage track, and simply have a strain track. Furthermore, his Surgeon talents allow him to add his medicine skill to damage dealt, and his non-lethal methods bypass armor, making him able to take down heavily armored foes quickly. Especially when paired with Power Armor.
  • Misguided Missile: One of Morgan's specials. Typically, guided missiles are some of the deadliest weapons in Edge of the Empire. However, the ship combat action 'Spoof Missiles' requires a relatively low Computers check the upgrades the difficulty of the attack at least once, and quite possibly far more. With Morgan's Computer skill level and Slicer talents and gear, the results have repeatedly been effective enough to send the missiles right back at the ones who launched them.
  • Promotion to Parent: Zeb. The Only Sane Man left in the family after his parents were murdered, he has been tasked with protecting and raising his siblings. Considering that his siblings are Morgan and Barry it's arguable how successful he's been.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Patches' eyes tend to flicker to red when he suspects "harm" is imminent.
  • Serial Escalation: The entire game, of course, particularly after the crew seems to choose messing with Black Sun and the Empire as their preferred source of income. The biggest example, however, would be whenever Zeb or Morgan got a critical trigger of their Family Obligation, which always had the GM ask "Where's Barry?" The first time he'd merely disassembled the hyper drive, which was worrying but easily fixed. Every 'Where's Barry?" got worse, however, with the most dire being a three-session effort to find the brat after he'd accidentally been let loose on Ord Mantell for a month, wherein the Empire was carpet bombing any block they thought Barry might be in.
  • Shipper on Deck: In Universe. Morgan misreads some of Zeb and Aralai bickering as Belligerent Sexual Tension and encourages them. They are both bluntly emphatic that this isn't going to happen.
  • Shoutout Theme Naming: The Red Empress and Black Rose are named after major NPC's from Exalted.
  • Sticky Fingers: Morgan
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: Morgan. When you have 3 hours to refuel and resupply on a Core world and are taking major steps to stay off everyone's screens, walking into a Black Sun den to make a deal when they have a massive price on your head isn't the wisest. However, the Party being the Party, she walked away clean and they left dead.
  • The Syndicate: Black Sun, which the Black Rose crew takes particular delight in stealing from and in general making look foolish. More importantly, what the Black Rose crew becomes after they capture a pair of heavy cruisers over Tython and get a massive influx of capital from several crates of khyber crystals and priceless Jedi artifacts. They are referred to as in a Mob War with Black Sun during the Age of Rebellion campaign 'Age of the Troubleshooters'

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