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Roleplay / Return Of The Emblem

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An RP started on Serenes Forest Forums. Based in various ways on the Fire Emblem series, the entire story focuses on a small set of items of the same name, called "Pieces of the Emblem" by the first antagonists to appear. What's so special about them is something the main characters will have to discover as they attempt to bring down their attackers and their entire organization.

Thus far, the main party is led by an up-and-coming merchant, and a noblewoman, each with similar aims. Chasing leads has brought them a bit closer to their respective goals, but they clearly have a ways to go before bringing down their enemies and unraveling a mystery spanning back thousands of years.


Tropes found in Return of the Emblem:

  • Bilingual Backfire: Several characters in the party speak Neviskotian. Upon joining, some of them did not know that. It produced some interesting situations.
  • Clown Car: The wagons used by the party.
  • Disguised in Drag: Daloth wanted to reenter Serigo Port, seeing as he'd been banned. Thank goodness he was talked out of it.
  • Hostage for MacGuffin: Raquel after the attack on Weyland Manor, though it didn't lasted long. Though it turns out the captors weren't left quite empty-handed after the fact.
  • Physical God: Though the Vasili aren't gods themselves, this is still how many see them as.
  • Karl Marx Hates Your Guts: Justified in that most if not all transactions the party does is with her, and she is a merchant after all. Not to say she is the only one though.
  • Winged Humanoid: The Avian, Dark Avian, and Fallen races.


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