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/u/Timanfya, Veteran Speaker, Founder and Head Moderator of /r/MHOC

The Reddit Model Governments are an array of political simulators on Reddit started by Ben "Timanfya" when he founded the British /r/MHOC as a spin-off on a now much smaller model on forums of

[The Reddit Model Governments] contains examples of:

  • All Issues Are Political Issues: Members of the Reddit Model Governments write legislation about the weirdest things such as the desired quantity of mathematical bases to be used and the abolition of pennies.
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  • Dirty Communists: The token communist or other far-left parties and their members are often seen as this by others.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In the early days of /r/MHOC, before roleplaying or joke parties were less tolerated, one of the first made-up parties that formed were the Celtic Workers' League (CWL). The CWL were Titoists, Marxists and "pan-celtic nationalists" who wanted to form a United Socialist Republics of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany. Really.
  • Escalating War: Coventry event was absolutely this. A small riot turned into political militia fashion walk between the Fascist Squadristi and Communist Red Brigades.
  • Fascist, but Inefficient: The Vanguard party never submits anything.

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