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Once upon a time, there lived a princess high in the clouds.
Random Story Writing is a single-topic Roleplay located in the PokéWrite forum on Fan Fiction.Net. It's format is it's defining feature, which unlike most Roleplays, uses actual dialogue rules in a story-type format.

The story is told from the perspective of a fairy maid named Morgan, who became concerned over the doings of a mysterious man named Spoo. Fearing for the welfare of her princess, Lucina, she leaves the castle in search of the mysterious 'anthropomorphic sea urchin,' whom she believes is the The Man Behind the Man to Spoo. Along the way, she meets Robin, a Child Mage with prodigy level intellect, another Spoo, who is also Robin's elder brother, Micaiah, the fiancé of Robin's brother and Princess of the Swordfighter Kingdom, and Roy, the bitter 'hero' of the Great Banishing.The main participants are oft noted to be: Reppad98, who began the thread, Glaceon Mage, often called the most active member of the forum, The Light's Refrain, and most recently, Silver Revenge.


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