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Welcome to the future, where technology and magic power the world. Long ago, an entity of great destructive power appeared and wreaked havoc upon the world until it was sealed away by five heroes. Peace returned, but only temporarily as the creature, Ragnarok, began to stir within its prison and was finally able to break free and seek revenge on those who sealed it away. After a battle that devastated the world, Ragnarok was once again sealed by the five warriors and eight sages at the cost of the warriors' lives, but in exchange for their lives Ragnarok's Body and Power was divided into sixteen seals that were implanted within sixteen vessels, both human and nonhuman, and a new world, The Ark, was created. None of the vessels could with stand Ragnarok's influence and all of them perished only for the seals to choose new hosts.This caused Much of Ragnarok's influence to warp and distort the Ark and to create its own world to mirror the Ark, The Realm of Chaos. Just as the destruction of both worlds was imminent, the eight sages returned and Sealed away the Realm of Chaos.


Ragnarok's Ark is a Play-by-Post RPG created by Connect to Black Productions Forum user HiddenChaosOfSoul, featuring the players Eternaldarkgod, mAceOfHearts, Nexus_Schwarz, TakoshiWolfite, m4davis, and Lejxk, playing as Yudain, Exiel, Dawn, Wolfen, Rev, and Rand respectively. The story takes place in a futuristic world, in which a being known as Ragnarok almost exterminated all life on the planet Earth. A group consisting of five warriors managed to seal it away for a short while, only for Ragnarok to break free from its seal later on. The warriors, with the help of eight sages, divided Ragnarok's powers into sixteen different seals, all of which were then implanted in sixteen nameless vessels. Unfortunately, none of the vessels were capable of withstanding Ragnarok's power, and they eventually perished. The seals then found new hosts, six of which are the player characters. Said player characters: Dawn, Yudain, Exiel, Wolfen, Rev, and Rand, have begun searching for the remaining seals, eight of which have turned their hosts into monstrous beings. Little is known about the heroes' reasons for doing so, aside from their mutual wish to protect the world from said beasts.


Ragnarok's Ark provides examples of:

  • A God Am I/Narcissist: Exiel, to the extreme.
  • Amulet of Concentrated Awesome/Amplifier Artifact: A Soul Weapon: a unique weapon granted to each player character that continues to power up over time. Currently only Exiel and Dawn have unlocked theirs.
    • Exiel's Deus Ex Machina, a mechanical glove that is an Empathic Weapon. No relation to the trope of the same name.
    • Dawn's Armor of the Shining Knight which is a Powered Armor inspired by her desire to protect everyone like knights such as King Arthur.
  • Badass Boast:
    • Exiel:
      • After being thrown in a cell:
        Exiel: I'd advise you to let us out of here this instant. The consequences I'll make you face if you don't won't be pleasant.
      • After being freed and informed that they weren't thrown in the cells with the highest security levels:
        Exiel: They didn't give us the highest security cells? I almost feel insulted.
    • Yudain had one, but it's lost due to technical issues.
  • Berserk Button: Inverted. The lack of violence and bloodshed will make Exiel more irritable and agitated.
    • Add attacking Dawn in Wolfen's presence to the list of bad ideas.
  • Big Bad: Nevalon, the fake king of Celestia. To date, he has taken the kingdom out of the hands of its real king, pushed inventions such as the Hypno Crown, which forces the wear to obey a single command, to "benefit" the kingdom, used said Hypno Crown to make Rei attempt to kill Faylan and the party along with Nia to force her to become his bride then kills her, releases one the Great Wyrms, and destroys nearly all of Upper Celestia just to kill the party.
  • Born Lucky: The RP starts out with Exiel winning an absurd amount of G in a poker game.
    • Justified to an extent, since Exiel is just that good at poker.
  • Captain Oblivious: Played with. While Rev, Exiel, Yudain, and Wolfen all seem oblivious to most of the stuff around them, they all have basic social skills. Underline basic.
    • Rand and Dawn seem to be only ones to react in a normal way when something crazy is going on. (Though Dawn gets mad at the weirdest things, like a Non-Player Character named Nia fighting them in a wedding dress, irritated that she would have to ruin it.)
  • Color-Coded Characters: Not everyone is this, but Yudain, Exiel, Dawn, and, to some extent, Wolfen all are this. Yudain uses black/dark magic, Exiel wears nothing but purple, Dawn has yellows in her hair (before she consumed her first Limit Vial which turned it silver), aura, and uniform, and Wolfen has a white, icy mist surrounding him.
  • Cool Pet: Rem, Rev's familiar. She's a type A class Wyrm who can change her affinity to aid in battle.
  • Cool Sword: Yudain's katana can cut through literally anything.
  • Cute Bruiser: Dawn, despite being the only female of the team, is the physically strongest of the seal bearers, is one of the fist fighters (other than Exiel or Wolfen), and is the only one with the ability to absorb lightning bolts after a taking in a Power-Up to do such.
  • Elemental Absorption: Dawn's Soul Weapon can do this, changing its form based on the up to two elements it absorbs. On a lesser level, her Magic Knife (a technique that she uses after absorbing elemental energy) can absorb a magical attack's mana to use in an attack provided it's not too powerful and it takes practice to master.
  • Elemental Powers: All of the main characters have a choice between three elemental powers at creation, with the possibility of choosing one twice for possibly more power. (Not that anyone considered that option for the sake of variety.) Magic in this game involves using an element outside of this range that can potentially expand over time.
    • An Ice Person: Wolfen and Rev both had their ice powers naturally. Dawn has less exhaustion from using it as magic after summoning Garuda for the first time.
    • Blow You Away: Rand is the only natural user of wind abilities.
    • Casting a Shadow: Yudain and Wolfen both use darkness naturally, along with Rev after a Limit Vial.
    • Dishing Out Dirt: Wolfen and Rand have this power naturally.
    • Light 'em Up/Holy Hand Grenade: Dawn is the only one who can use light (as well as being able to heal) naturally but Rand's Tuners after some PowerUps have light as well.
    • Making a Splash: Nobody has this as their natural element, but Wolfen has a water-powered shield and Dawn has water-resistant boots.
    • Non-Elemental: After obtaining Deus Ex Machina, Exiel is taught a spell that allows him to summon crystals of varying sizes that are sharp enough to cut anything.
    • Playing with Fire: Rand, with it as one of his natural elements and Exiel after drinking a Limit Vial. The closest anyone else can get to controlling fire is after drinking a Liquid Fire Vial with control over hot air currents temporarily, activating a flame-powered shield/Dawn's boots, or Rev after his second Limit Vial who can now absorb and release heat but is still weak to fire.
    • Poisonous Person: Nobody uses poison among their elements, but Dawn's gauntlets can both freeze and poison if the punch pierces due to the multiple PowerUps she has stacked onto it.
    • Pure Energy: Exiel can manipulate both pure and mental energy and fire it into beams or before gaining his Soul Weapon materialized gauntlets out of them. After it, he can make mental sparks that can disperse the air around them before exploding.
    • Shock and Awe: Dawn was the first user of the party to wield lightning, is the only one to do so naturally currently, but Rand's Tuners with a Power-Up gained the ability to create, divert, and solidify electricity around the blades.
    • Soul Power: Exiel, Yudain, and Rev all have the power to manipulate and read souls, with varying abilities such as reading emotions, blasting it at enemies, and making solid platforms.
    • Space Master: Rev is the only gravity (and magnetism) user of the group.
    • Time Master: Yudain has the ability to manipulate time, with the max at this time being five minutes as well as being able to force time anomalies on enemies such as making metal rust on contact, summon future comet fragments, and future sight for major attacks.
  • Empathic Weapon: Rev's axe is a symbiotic weapon related to his seal, which grows in power as he does. So far, it can create a mini-black hole within a small radius of itself. Exiel's Deus Ex Machina has an aspect of Bahamut known as "Dragon" inside it that guides Exiel when asked.
  • Energy Weapons: Dawn initially used her lightning and light powers to create solid-light blades over her knuckles which could act like a chainsaw with concentration. Plasma blades were found in the Tower of Myra which were much later fused into Rand's scimitar to boost its capabilities. He can also create his own plasma blades when using his Seal Skill.
  • Evil Overlord: Nevalon, one of the Ragnarok Beasts of the [unknown] Seal. He takes over the Kingdom of Celestia the Shining City after killing Nia and Faylan's father, has commissioned the creation of Hypno Crowns, had another Ragnarok Beast named Garmr as a minion, broken the seal on an evil Wyrm named Diablos, and is now trying to kill the party himself.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Played for laughs. Yudain apparently likes to eat metallic spoons.
  • Gentleman Wizard: Exiel not only has the ability to use four different types of magic and create puppet-clones of his defeated enemies, he also gains the ability to send shards of crystals towards his opponents after acquiring his Soul Weapon. He does all this while wearing a top hat, a suit and a monocle.
  • Grammar Nazi: Nexus_Schwarz, mAceOfHearts, and HiddenChaosOfSoul all become this from time to time, although it's most common with Nexus_Schwarz.
  • Grenade Spam: Dawn frequently throws all of the vials, just to see what they would do. Sometimes they change the encounter positively...and others make it worse. The others throw items at a lesser rate and overall usually don't coordinate effects.
    • Example: Wolfen throws a Liquid Fire Vial but Rev uses dark-ice spears that lessen its effect.
  • Guns Akimbo: Yudain and Exiel, with dual pistols and machine guns respectively.
  • Guns Are Worthless: Everyone has at least one type of plasma gun, but they're hardly ever used. The only one to frequently use a gun is Rand, but that's because he has a custom gun that shoots flares as well as a long-range laser cannon. Since Dawn also has a gun, she, by definition, is a Girl with a Gun.
  • Heads-Up Display: There are several visors found in the game that do varying functions when activated. The first two goggles can be combined but not the other two in any possibility.
    • X-Ray/Night-Vision/Infrared Goggles: Grants vision in the following types to allow the user to strategize.
    • Infrared Goggles with Geiger Scale: Only allows the user to see in infrared but it wasn't used before being fused with the previous item to expand its capabilities.
    • Ebony Visor: With only two of these in the world, these are especially rare. It has all sorts of features that range from destructive blasts to sensing electrical impulses to locating space-time disturbances and uniquely adapts to a user. Dawn's has adapted to have the sprites that she named Merlin and Lancea who tell her about magical items and the combat environment respectively. Later, a third spirit named Alvis appears when the two previous ones were overwhelmed with Nevalon's power. The second one has yet to be found.
    • Lunatic Visor: Mentioned by two NPCs named Nia and Faylan, Word of God says it is the first (and perhaps only) truly offensive visor with the ability to shoot laser blasts. The players have found the item Lunar Tear which is a component toward making it.
    • The Nano-Machines Vial grants the user a temporary HUD, but perhaps could be summoned on command with practice.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Rand's Whisper Silk Cloak hides his presence.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Dawn aspires to be this, and now that she has her Soul Weapon, she's got the shining armor part down.
  • Knight Templar: Everyone is fine with killing random goons for the greater good, rarely, if ever, questioning if what they're doing is just, though Yudain is the only actual knight much to Dawn's chagrin.
  • Laughing Mad: Exiel does this whenever he causes someone pain.
  • Magic Knight: Yudain can use various elemental spells and slow time despite being a knight.
  • Mark of the Supernatural: Exiel has one azure blue and one crimson red eye. His crimson eye is now golden due to his second Limit Vial's effects.
    • Justified, as his right eye is only red because of his seal's influence on his body.
  • Mind-Control Device: Hypno Crowns. One was used on Rei after the party was captured and one on Nia to become Nevalon's bride.
  • Never Learned to Read: Wolfen. Luckily, Dawn is there to help.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability/Kryptonite Factor: There was a creature called The Infector that briefly wandered the Riftmyr Swamp that could turn living things into walking corpses after physical harm. Not even a nuke could damage it. It turned out to a Ragnarok Beast named Garmr that represented The Lunacy/Madness Seal. It could only be killed after being exposed to a gem called the Heaven-Blaze Crystal that Faylan was given by Nevalon as a handicap to the protagonists which lead to its defeat.
  • Oh, Crap!: Yudain learns to respect Nia's privacy the hard way.
    Nia: *Angry smile* "Peering into someone's heart without their permission is considered an invasion of privacy." *Multi-slash* "Wolfy, your ally is down."
  • Our Demons Are Different: They just look like humans with pointed ears. They live in Makai, (formerly called Hell), and there is no endless agony and eternal suffering despite stereotypes pointing towards such.
  • Power-Up: In the form of elemental vials and items, these have various purposes to improve the characters' bodies, weapons/armor, and effect the field differently. They also have powers relating to their Ragnarok seals: The Shadow (Rand), the Tail (Wolfen), the Void (Yudain), the Darkness (Rev), the Feathers (Dawn), and the Eye (Exiel) later changing into the "Eye of Nightfall" when Exiel unlocked his Soul Weapon. Dawn's seal has not been affected by her weapon's awakening as far as the players know.
    • In order discovered:
      • Ink Flare Vial-Provides a darkness elemental and stealth bonus to items as well as create a cloud of darkness when thrown but cannot cloak presence or be consumed.
      • Liquid Fire Vial-When consumed by a non-fire user, it allows them to control hot air currents temporarily. By a fire user like Rand or later Exiel after drinking a Limit Vial, it allows them to create remote detonate fireballs/plasma bursts and they are no longer damaged by regular flames. When combined with items, they boost their flame capabilities to create blue flames instead of red/orange ones and boost Desert Vial-enhanced items as well.
      • Devourer Poison Vial-Exactly What It Says on the Tin: adds a poison bonus to items and it poisons target if the attack pierces. It is deadly within seconds of being consumed without an Anti-Venom Vial on-hand, has acidic qualities so it will eat through metals/people, and is even more dangerous when ignited.
      • Liquid Nitrogen Vial-Boosts ice users like Rev and Wolfen while changing their appearance. Adds ice bonus to items with near hypothermia if the attack pierces.
      • Contained Lightning Bolt Vial-The item that allowed Dawn to become a lightning rod after "throwing" it onto her head. Grants a lightning elemental bonus to items (increasing per vial added to include possible nerve damage and severe paralysis on an organic target) and when thrown, it releases the electricity in an arc toward a target.
      • Desert Vial-Allows items to dispel Devourer (a set of poisonous monsters) camouflage and evaporate water/energy on physical contact. When thrown, they instantly create a desert, the temperature skyrockets in that area, and doing the former effects as well.
      • Monsoon Vial-Exactly What It Says on the Tin, again: creates a category 5 hurricane when thrown, which Dawn found about the hard way when she threw it in a cave and nearly drowned the gang and the boss they were fighting. When combined with items, it grants a water elemental bonus.
      Dawn: This was kinda dumb in retrospect, sorry!
      • Limit Vial-When consumed, this vial unlocks a user's potential, giving them either new cosmetic changes or elements to work with. Each user must have a rest period of 24 hours before consuming another.
      Rev gained the ability to use darkness and fly with ice wings in addition to ice, gravity, and spirit. After his second vial, his hair turns snow white and his pupils slit. His overall ice manipulation improves, he can absorb and release heat, and can magnetize objects and draw or repel them.
      Dawn's appearance changed but has received no other powers (she more than makes up for this with her multi-elemental gauntlets and boots). After her second Limit Vial, her feathers take on an ethereal appearance, she can break the sound barrier for brief instances, and heal on a larger scale.
      Wolfen unlocked the ability to become a sane werewolf during full moons and has a freezing mist surrounding him. After his second Limit Vial, his hair and ears turn a blue-grey color while his eyes become amber. His canine teeth slightly increase in size, gains night vision, and can freeze some shadows.
      As previously mentioned, Exiel now has fire skills to boost his mind, energy, and spirit powers as well as teleportation. After his second Limit Vial, his red eye turns yellow, aces appear on his monocle and glove (spades and hearts respectively), and an eye appears on Deus. He can materialize an ethereal version of the Dragon's armor and can temporally become immune from harm, although he takes a large amount of damage afterwards.
      Yudain now has the ability to control people through their shadows as well as gaining wings, one physical and one of darkness. After his second Limit Vial, he gains a black shroud that can absorb light and darkness-based attacks and can call on random time-based phenomena, along with his control of time being extended to five minutes.
      Rand's hair gains a pink tint, his skin becomes scaly in sections, his eyes turn red and his nails lengthen. He can breathe fire, cause light seismic activity, and create sonic booms.
      • Thunder Clap Vial-A defensive light-based vial that powers items to resist light and dark-based attacks. When used on a light user like Dawn, their bones/skin have increased durability and they gain resistance to darkness.
      • Potent Spark Vial-An offensive light-type vial that allows items light affinity and decreases recoil on stronger punches. When used on a light user like Dawn, their strength and speed increase dramatically.
      • Nitrogen Flare Vial-An ice-based vial that when combined with items, allows them to possibly freeze and shatter the opponent if the attack pierces and/or makes contact with blood. (Oil and salt water will need another ice-based item.) When consumed, they have a delayed effect that granted Wolfen the ability to use Ice Warp, which allows him to freeze things from afar without firing icy attacks. It also allows him change the density and form of ice constructs. Rev gains Ice Warp as well, but instead controlling density, he can unfreeze and refreeze ice constructs with potentially deadly results. When thrown, they are able to freeze magma on contact.
      • Nano-Machines Vial-Like the Limit Vial, it enhances a character with nano-machines, allowing them to see with a Heads-Up Display, some exhaustion briefly after consuming it, changing their arm into a cannon, and perhaps being able to summon the HUD after mastering it. (Rand has had the only one obtained and it's unknown if each character will have different changes.)
      • Galacite Ore-Word of God says it will expand the user's latent potential randomly and affect everyone differently, including increasing their elemental range.
      Dawn has gained increased perception to detect if something is weakening over time.
    • They also have mysterious orbs of energy called Ethers that when activated, boost an item's attack with different abilities that also level up to become stronger as they are used.
    • After having their seals unlocked, each character has a deity released within them, which gives them new powers upon summoning.
      • Dawn's deity is Garuda, which at this point granted her somewhat proficiency with ice as magic but not as an element and given her a feathered sash formed from light.
      • Exiel's deity is Bahamut, which on his own grew Exiel a pair of wings but he hasn't summoned him yet.
      • Rev's deity is Thanatos, which so far has given him a large scythe with an obsidian blade.
      • Wolfen's deity is Fenrir, which has improved his sight and allowed him detect the auras of people and things around him. It has also given him an ice raiment, which he may be able to recreate, and has even has appeared solid as opposed to an apparition.
      • Yudain's deity is Erebus, which has given him an ability which is unknown at this point in time. It has also lent Yudain some of its power when blinding Rei, and he has been given black and white vision which may highlight weak points.
      • Rand's deity is Agni, which has so far given him bracers with flames carved into them, a golden circlet, and turned his hair into flames.
  • Psychic Link: Even if they don't use Soul, each player character to speak to one another mentally using their seals.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: All of the player characters in a nutshell.
    • This doesn't bother Yudain in the slightest, as he's very interested in getting to know the people he's fighting with. He even develops a Friendly Rivalry with Exiel, although Exiel doesn't think of it like that.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Siegfried, during his second fight with the player characters.
  • Scarfof Ass Kicking: Rand and Exiel after their first Limit Vial.
  • Shout-Out: Yudain makes a slight reference to Dante from Devil May Cry.
    Yudain: My idol uses two pistols and I was always amazed when he killed countless beasts without getting hit one time.
    • Exiel's outfit is a shout-out to Carl Clover from the BlazBlue series, as well as a picture mAceOfHearts saw on DeviantART.
    • When naming Merlin and Lancea, she explains to them the people in question from Arthurian tales (although she originally suggested Lancelot for the latter) while thinking about it, mentioning that she would read those stories for her sister. Dawn herself is an Alternate Universe shout-out to a minor character from one of Nexus' stories, Of Sins and Virtues.
  • Shifting Sand Land: Dawn lived in one before meeting the other Seal Bearers.
  • Sibling Team: Rand with his older brother and sister before he met the party. It was how he was taught to use his scimitar and powers.
  • Sinister Scimitar: Averted with Rand, since his primary weapon is a scimitar.
  • Swamps Are Evil: The Riftmyr Swamp, having Stalkers that can sense electrical signals, giant slimes that consume flesh, and the Riftmyr Wyrm that is known to level entire cities in an instant.
  • Sword and Gun: Rand with his flare-pistol, scimitar, and his arm cannon.
  • Technicolor Fire: Rand's Hellfire uses white flames.
  • Time Skip: There was one after the party attempted to fight proxy Nevalon, where they were knocked out for 6 months. In this time, nearly all of Upper Celestia was destroyed, the damage was blamed on the demons and they are close to a full out war and Nevalon, who was responsible for this, is still at large.
  • Walking Armory: Each player character has their own signature weapon, a shield, at least one gun, and several vials which range from elemental damage to straight explosives.
    • Rand has all of this plus two extra swords and an arm cannon.
  • Walking the Earth: In all honesty, all the player characters. All of them have left wherever they called home for one reason or another, either to stop The End or by their own free will.
  • Willfully Weak: Exiel claims to be this whenever he gets hurt or loses, despite that not being the case. He actually believes it himself.

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