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The Pure Souls Roleplay thread is a currently ongoing roleplay on Alternate The premise is that most religions are true, to some extent. Thus, there are angels and gods. However, the forces of Hell are also around, wishing to take over Earth. There are also 'Pure Souls', people who died a violent death and were brought back to fight against evil. The Official thread can be found here: [1]. Note that in order to view the thread, one must have an Alternate membership.


Tropes seen in Pure Souls Roleplay include

  • All Myths Are True: At the very least, the Abrahamic religions and magic both exist. Several pantheons, including the Norse and Tengri, also exist. There are also various species of monsters, including werewolves.
  • Apocalypse How: Scandinavia suffers a near-Species extinction after Prince Hans, now a demonlord, destroys Arendelle, Weselton, and the Southern Isles.
  • Circlesof Hell: While the exact format may differ from the Circles in The Divine Comedy, Shalasar has mentioned that various demonic lords reign over portions of each circle, with the demon lord Asmodeous ruling over most, if not all, of the Sixth Circle.
  • Demon Lordsand Archdevils: While not exactly clear where he ranks in the hierarchy of Hell, the demon lord Shalasar has mentioned at least one other Duke of Hell in the past, by the name of Valefar. Valefar has pledged to support Shalasar with 10 legions of demons for an, as of yet, unspecified plot of Shalasar's.
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  • Eldritch Abomination: Demons, and potentially angels, are this. They (typically) take humanoid forms to avoid scarring the minds of humans.
  • Enemy Mine: The Church Forces, Kung Lao, Maka Alibern, and the Central have a temporary alliance against Shalasar and Harrington's forces.
  • Evil vs. Evil: One the one hand, Nazis. One the other hand, demons from Hell. This occurs during the Island arc.
  • Fallen Angel: Shalasar clearly counts as this, mentioning numerous times his experiences both as an Angel, and in the immediate aftermath of the War in Heaven. Slightly altered, as references appear that indicate that Shalasar is an "Elder Demon" in addition to status as a Fallen Angel. Whether this means that all demons are fallen angels, but ranked according to heavenly service, or that some demons were not originally angels is unclear. There have been examples of humans who have died and gone to Hell being granted demonic status and powers. Shalasar and most demons seem to be dismissive of them, and call them "New Breeds." While not specifically mentioned, it seems that the "new breeds" are the demonic answer to Pure Souls.
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  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Arendelle, Weselton, and the Southern Isles (all from Frozen) are Norway, Sweden, and Denmark respectively.
  • Ghostapo: The focus of the Dark Cabal: They're a group of ex-Nazis who have gone into the occult, now summoning demons.
  • Legionsof Hell: While unclear how many Legions of Hell there actually are, Shalasar and Valefar control at least 10 between them. Since Valefar is a Duke, his superiors most likely control many more. These legions have not yet been seen in the course of the game.
  • Mega Crossover: Hellsing, Frozen, Mortal Kombat, Soul Eater, and more.
  • Nebulous Evil Organization: Harrington Industries definitely counts as this.
  • The Omniscient Councilof Vagueness: The Lords of War are a mix between this and Nebulous Evil Organization. While not evil, per se, they are made up of numerous very wealthy individuals, and have access to nukes and Knightmare Frames.
  • Stupid Jetpack Hitler: The main focus of The Central, the game's other major Nazi group.

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