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Roleplay / Portal Breach

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This is not the world you have left behind-what shall you choose to be?

The Collision of Worlds

It was The End of the World as We Know It - the keepers of the multiverse decided to end it all (possibly For the Evulz) - deities called Portal Alpha and Omega. Omega died under mysterious circumstances, leaving Alpha in charge and Alpha is not a nice god. Thankfully, there are other, lesser Portals who were allowed to create their own universes to save as many people as they could, each named after a letter of the alphabet.

Each dimension is a "gamma" named after their respective Portal and contains people of the same temperament, all except for Gamma-X (Portal Breach), ruled by the illustrious Portal-X the Wise. He just wants to save people, deserving or not, and have a good time. Some settle down and make names for themselves, whereas some do not and fade into anonymity.


The citizens of "The Breach" (most people live on the main planet) are of a wide variety, from Evil Emperor Zurg, to Link and Impa and... you get the idea.

It is a play-by-post RPG forum complete with an in-character "chatbox" for realtime roleplaying and contains examples of:


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