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"You code up a script that compares material types, physio-legal distortions, and TV Tropes entries to locate any object of extraordinary power or value."
— Qwertyuiopas, creating a MacGuffin detector

"Also, the final battle will involve Theodore Roosevelt."

"You enter one of the largest secure government research facilities in the United States and immediately start kicking down doors."

Netland and Hell Desk are a pair of canonically connected "Roll To Dodge" epics being played on the Bay 12 Forums. Netland, the chronologically first and canonically last story revolves around a group of adventurers living in a simulated universe after the Earth has been rendered unlivable where the lines between fiction and reality exist only on a map. They have been chosen by the artificially-intelligent pantheon of this universe to defend it against an unknown entity that is causing corruption in the simulation's data and generally ruining everyone's day. Hell Desk, on the other hand, revolves around a group of IT professionals in the far future, trying to prevent the aforementioned earth-ruining event from happening in the first place (They'll fail).

Hell Desk is currently 29 pages long, while Netland is 66 pages long (assuming the default 15-post-per-page layout).


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