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Mythril Aces (Re)Union is a sequel/reboot of the original Mythril Aces game. Set ten years after when the first game would have ended, some broad strokes and retcons were applied to the renewed setting. Most everything in the first game still happened, just happened differently than was probably remembered. The game still utilizes a combat system for frame-to-frame battles while character interaction is left to the players own devices.


For a hundred years the Sol Federation and and Centauri Commonwealth had been at war. Who started it and why became irrelevant as the decades passed and the two sides laid waste to countless battlefields across the stars. Millions upon millions of lives were lost and whole generations were defined by war. Advancements in technology enabled battles to be fought above worlds as well as on them. Campaigns started on one planet and ended in a completely different star system. Entire continents were reduced to rubble. All things must come to an end however, or at least a pause. With the reveal that a military-industrial conspiracy had thwarted the last attempt at negotiations, a fragile cease-fire was brokered between the two exhausted nations and an uneasy peace was ushered in at the dawn of the 31st Century. That was ten years ago.


A century of war isn't just forgotten though. The Federation and Centauri remain at odds, except now instead of blowing up each others space ships they get other people to do do the fighting for them. Proxy wars using smaller nations as pawns in a interstellar chess match have become the new norm with the two sides supplying military "advisers" when necessary. Such is the case of Nirvana, a planet backed by Centauri while the Federation supports the independence seeking outer system of Samsara. When the two proxies come to blows, the Armored Mobil Frame pilots of both the Federation and Centauri find themselves opposing each other once again.


This Roleplay Provides Examples Of:

  • A Mech by Any Other Name: The Armored Mobile Frames are the mainstay of both sides forces and new and improved frames are still being rolled out in the time of peace.
  • Artificial Gravity: Was turned off in the Federation frame hanger by accident, turning Becky into a human pinball to the amusement/exasperation of her team mates. Christine actually likes it better this way since they don't have to worry about falling off the robot and breaking your neck.
  • Comical Overreacting: When there isn't anything better to do, the Knights launch into a serious argument over the merits of tea and coffee.
  • Dances and Balls: Where the Centauri Knights start off, with varying levels of comfort since they're the military representatives at a party of nobles and other important people. Valentine has no trouble mingling, while Rozaliya just finds the whole thing a bother.
  • Energy Weapon: The Centauri Commonwealth has the tech advantage in this regard, having developed these to fit their frames not long after creating the frames themselves.
  • Forever War: The two sides have been at each other for a hundred years and have stopped for the moment as much out exhaustion as any outrage of a string pulling conspiracy. The attitudes of various characters reflect how much fighting they did during the last hot phase, if they fought as all, with people like the older Calvin having mellowed out considerably since joining while teen Becky is a bundle of excitable energy.
  • Lost Colony: The Bohdi System, home to the planet Nirvana and the Samsara separatists, is a recently discovered one that both the Federation and Centauri want influence of, triggering the whole story.
  • Nanomachines: The Centuari Niot frame utilizes these from a sniper rifle in order to eat up an enemy frame from the inside out.
  • Space Cold War: What the century long war between the Sol Federation and Centauri Commonwealth has settled into, with Bohdi taking the place of Korea, unfortunately for them.
  • Space Elevator: Nirvana owns one, allowing them easy access to orbit. In a display of splendor and opulence, the Centauri throw a VIP party there with the Knights scheduled to perform a flashy demonstration for entertainment.