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Roleplay / My Superhero Academy: Crisis of Infinite Reboots

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     An Age of Heroes... 
It is an age of heroes. From the day the Saint was first seen in newsreels back in '39 all those years ago, there have always been heroes. For decades, they've protected the world from superpowered criminals, mad scientists, nazi nitwits, alien invaders, and even the odd incursion from other dimensions. Regardless of their origins — whether they received their powers in some sort of accident, were born with their abilities, used tech to get by, or relied purely on their training and hard work — they have long vowed to protect the world and make it a better place.

However, in recent years, things have changed. In times gone by, most heroes began their careers well into adulthood, with only the occasional sidekicks being the exception. But as the decades went on, more and more young heroes began receiving their powers or beginning their careers younger and younger, often without the proper training or maturity to properly use them or not get themselves hurt. Or worse. And so a solution was reached. Founded by Saint Solutions, a series of schools for young heroes in training was established across the globe. Now, any young whippersnapper who wishes to become a hero or even just learn to control their powers goes to one of these schools. Staffed largely by experienced, older heroes, they're the best place to go for anyone who wishes to hone their skills and truly learn what it takes to become a hero.

But the best of them all is is none other than Saint Academy, located right in Super City, California. And it's President is none other than the original Superhero himself, The Saint. Blessed with great strength and speed as well as extended longevity, he still has a reputation as the world's greatest hero despite retiring long ago, but he nonetheless does his best to make the world a better place in his own way. And that includes molding brave new heroes that can help continue to protect the world in his absence.

However, as much as Saint is a shining example and as much as he's helped improve the world, nothing is perfect. In recent years, a growing rift has begun to form between Superheroes and the people they've sworn to protect. While many citizens still worship their heroes, others have begun to grow envious or perhaps even fearful them, as well as the numerous other species that have come out of hiding in Saint's wake. Werewolves, demons, and countless others have become accepted by society in the decades since, but that has only caused some to wonder if they still have a place in it. And for others still, it's the perfect opportunity to turn that rift into a chasm and tear society asunder. And Saint Academy may be the only ones able to stop them.

—quoth the Game God Game Master himself!

My Superhero Academy is a Play By Post game (re)started on TV Tropes in November 2018 by kkhohoho. It is a Superhero / Cape Punk story starring the colorful students of Class 1 of Saint Academy. The school is open to all who want to better control their powers or learn how to be a hero.

Below, find the links to the:
  • Signup Thread for player characters
  • Discussion Thread for information on the world, NPCs, and some background on the player characters
  • Game Thread where the story of Class 1 unfolds
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  • First Year Page for the trope page of the prior year at Saint Academy.


  • Abusive Parents: A disturbing number of the students of Class One have horrible parents.
  • Academy of Adventure: The titular Saint Academy.
  • Always in Class One: Saint Academy's Class One is still right in the middle of every kind of trouble.
  • Anchored Ship: A few of the transfers tore ships right in half. Jack's disappearance left Shane as Dawn's most prominent suitor. When Karl vanished, Van tried to move in on Ash, but Rebecca may have accidentally stumbled into the spot first... Fluffy had something going on with Ellie before she left. Dawn's departure settled her ship questions. And Rebecca and Ash weighed anchor when Rebecca transferred.
  • Beware the Superman: Gaea tries to stir up this attitude and exploit it whenever Class 1 goes too far.
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  • The Cutie: Fluffy goes out of her way to try, but Perry pulls it off effortlessly. She brought a werewolf that her classmates had been trying to deep fry, shock, and skewer to tears and then said werewolf was ready to adopt Perry. When her parents attack her, a good chunk of the class leaps to her defense.
  • Cape Punk: The setting is not just supers beat up bad guys. The 'how' and things like ethics and image heavily affect play.
  • Cast Full of Crazy: The cast speaks for itself.
  • Cast Herd: The Class acts in 4 distinct groups.
  • Deadly Training Area: The staff say the hardlight simulations are set to "stun," but...
  • Dysfunction Junction: ...Such a dysfunctional group of young people...
  • Easily Forgiven: Ash and Mikael patch up their feud at record speed for two stubborn individuals, but they still avoid each other.
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  • Everyone's Baby Sister: Perry as her 'parents' prove when they abuse her in public. Cue Blast Out.
  • Fantastic Racism: The GM explicitly mentioned that DPI/baseline conflicts would not (intentionally) mirror any real world prejudices. That said, bad press attention and a poor image is stirring up fear and loathing against supers.
  • Hate Sink: Perry's parents. In the words of one player, "Halfway through and I already despise them. Impressive."
  • Heroic BSoD: Dawn has one after killing the mad werewolf. note She gets another after a teacher walks out on her.
  • Heroic Build: Dawn awes people, particularly Jack with hers. The demons, Mahvash, Vicky, Shane, and even Ash are pretty built.
  • Hurting Hero: Another disturbingly high proportion of class 1 have chips on their shoulders.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Perry is an actual 'cutie' as opposed to Lucy, and has not had any bad press.
  • Interplay of Sex and Violence: The basis of the Dawn x Shane ship—he flirted with her once, and now they "spar," and Shane explicitly mentions feeling sore and tired but also accomplished after each sparring session.
  • Large Ham: Ash, Van, and DANTE all have their moments.
  • Not Wearing Tights: While most of the class has codenames and some even have costumes, a few don't bother with super names—although at least one student has all but changed her legal name to her super name. Others' 'costumes' consist of white tie suits and the class is, well a class. In a high school that's not floating above the clouds or sitting in another dimension.
  • Official Couple: There are currently three so far:
    • Right from the start are Mikael and Ellie.
    • As of "I've Come All This Way For Something" onwards, Zach and Yoko.
    • Most recently, Mahvash and Martin have officially become a couple.
  • Ship Tease:
    • Dawn with Jack, Mahvash note , Shane...
    • Ash and Karl also have...interactions. Ash's "mother" outright tells Karl that he has permission to court her with Karl's family and Ash right there.
    • Zach and Yoko as well.
    • Dante shows interest in Mahvash though he cannot spit it out.
    • Sally and Ryuu have their moments of this.
    • Ash and Rebecca have shown some intrest in each other.
    • Evelyn and Clay have been rather close since their first day of school.
    • Martin and Mahvash,Of all people
  • Soft Reboot: The prior version has a recap of things that have gone before, and while the events prior only happened in broad strokes, some developments did carry over.
  • Super Dickery: Strategically captured moments in Class 1's lives make them look rather despicable. Ash and Dante's actions were highlighted after the tournament and the werewolf incident created a firestorm before that.
  • Super Hero Gods: Class one has a nephilim, a yokai near ascension and a daeva. That's before one gets to the once widely venerated eldritch abomination that Aster hosts.
  • Super Team: Class 1 is split into 4. Each squad can handle general threats (muggers, kaiju, etc.) and 2 are capable with investigation. It has yet to be tested how they do squad-wise against challenges (outside of exams) but a few have obvious specialties.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The first arc was all about this.
    • Right Hand vs. Left Hand: The team hunting the group of already fleeing werewolves tended to overlap, instead of working with each other's attacks. The werewolves living was a minor miracle.
    • Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup: The fight against the single werewolf in the yard goes very wrong due to the assembled students repeatedly failing to coordinate. Sally blasted the werewolf out of a trap the others had caught it in, Ellie all but threw herself into the wolf's jaws, and it went downhill from there...
    • Divided We Fall: Both situations really might have led to a party wipe. Ash and Mikael were ready to fight each other with the werewolves still there. If not for the lack of fighting spirit on the part of the fleeing werewolves and sheer volume against the mad wolf, the fight could have been alot more bloody. And it still fell well short of the Curb-Stomp Battle that one would expect from 20+ supers and a harried pack of werewolves.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: The school has a magic lab and several characters extensively study magic. Mahvash spends a great deal of time in the magic lab working on her techniques and developing theories and even blends physics, chemistry, and magics in equally blended Magi Babble and Techno Babble.
  • Superheroes Stay Single: Oh so averted. Mikael and Ellie begin the year as lovers. Yoko and Zach get hitched by Winter Break.
  • The Corruptible: Barely a spoiler, but Iona refuses all help and just gets more and more isolated. She also likes to repeat that she can only rely on herself.
  • There Are No Global Consequences: Averting this is one of the main themes of the rp. Many of the students come from crazy military groups raising or hunting supers for power. At least two have religions behind them or behind their super empowering. Scientists are thinking of the potential and a few students are exploiting said potential themselves. And political leaders have made deals with Saint and his generation of supers already, but that status quo is currently unraveling...
  • There Are No Therapists: Technically there is, but neither Iona nor Dawn actually follow through on seeing her. The consequences have yet to be seen.
  • Wacky Homeroom: Given the rather eclectic personalities and powers of Class 1, they fit this rather well.

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