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Multiverse: You are the Character is a roleplay started back in December 2011 on the roleplaying site Role Player Due to it's nature, the cast has been fluctuating since it first started, but has had a core set of characters, (Tsunade, Greycat, Luka and Yellow 13) who have stuck with it since the beginning, the latter joining a shortly after the start. The actual roleplay is a reboot of an earlier attempt that never made it past the planning stages, and this has been working into the universe's, rather, multiverse's mythology.


To say that multiverse is no ordinary story is an understatement. Rather than a fun plotline based on an original world or one based on someone's work, this one incorporates all of them. Players that apply to the game find themselves sucked in, taking on a form based directly or loosely on their Username, Avatar or Profile Picture. What the cause or reason for this has yet to be determined, but they did find out from a giant termite, the original GM of the first take of the game, now imprisoned in the internet void between worlds, that an item called The Crucible is responsible and was shattered, pieces scattered across different universes, all based on some work of fiction. In each of the worlds that the players visited, their objective was to find and obtain a piece of the Crucible. Each of the pieces look like fragments of faded grey, porous stone.


Since then, they have been having wild adventures across worlds, following and altering the pre-existing plots to find the scattered pieces and, hopefully, get themselves back to the real world.

One unique feature about the roleplay is the way new players join in. Many roleplays will not allow more players to join after it has already started, while others will. Those that do will either have the rest of the players' characters just pretend the new character was there the entire time, or have the new character enter the adventure in some way that ties into the story. But no, not in Multiverse. Instead, a new player's character will literally 'jump right in' at any time even after the adventure has already started (often by falling out of the sky). Literally. Player characters will see the new one who entered their world, and will know that they are another new player. Sometimes one of the 'veteran' avatar characters will explain to the new character that they have been sucked in through their computer, and give them the basic rundown of just what the heck is going on.


Another interesting feature about the roleplay is character development. When the player characters (avatars) obtain a crucible piece from one of the countless worlds, they will be returned to the cyber realm; a vast sea of endless blue hues with many digit streams of code darting about, to and fro. Once there they will be greeted by Termite, the original GM of the roleplay (yet even HE is just as oblivious as the other player characters as to how any of this is even possible). Termite is the one who keeps the crucible pieces for safekeeping, but before taking it he will allow the the player characters to absorb energy from the piece they have collected. This allows them to gain new abilities. Some pieces have more energy than others, however. Sometimes the players get to choose a new ability for their character(s) to gain, sometimes they are chosen by Redx Xx Dawn (Not by Tsunade, her character), or even by another player. Some of the richer, more power-saturated Crucible pieces have enough energy to grant more than one ability to each of the characters.

There are also many questions about Multiverse that have yet to be answered in the story, like how the characters' actions, words and even thoughts are being recorded and posted on the internet for everyone in real life to see. One of Tsunade's guesses is that someone may be out there in the real world making these posts. Such a person in real life could be controlling all of the characters' thoughts and actions by typing them in. Tsunade has had that suspicion due to her acting out of her own personal character at some times, yet strangely she has not acted paranoid about it. There is also the issue with Termite, the original GM of the roleplay. His location is unknown, though after the avatars visit the cyber realm he does poke his head out of a hidden pocket dimension of blank white space, and communicate with them through there. And, of course, there is also the question of how people are even getting sucked into the internet through their computers in the first place.

But not all of the avatars are on the same side, however. While in the world of Nippon (Okami), the players had even been antagonized by two new avatar characters, one being Vegeta from dbz and the other a catgirl dressed in lolita. After a huge fight broke out between them all, Vegeta and the catgirl were defeated. After Vegeta's death, his eyes became empty black voids, and his body appeared to have been possessed by an unknown force. Very little is known of the being who controlled the Vegeta avatar's corpse after his death, but he(it?) denies having controlled Vegeta while he was still alive. He also stated that he needed the crucible pieces for the same reason the player characters seek them. For reasons unknown, he even revealed to the other avatar players where the next Crucible piece was in Nippon just before fading from Vegeta's body. It is implied that this unknown being is the ultimate big bad in the roleplay.

Later in the roleplay, different groups of avatar characters have been hopping to different worlds of their own to collect more pieces. Often for different reasons, and even led by different 'entities.' Because of this the roleplay had to have it own separate threads. Eventually, Multiverse started to get too big for, so a whole new site for it was developed. It can be found at:

Multiverse contains examples of:
  • A God Am I: Greycat has his moments, particularly when he gets high on chaos. The most recent case resulted in him leveling a good portion of a city, something Luka still hasn't forgiven him for. Also, Gaige has her moments as well, particularly in combat when dealing a ton of damage. She may occasionally yell out things like "I AM THE GOD OF DAMAGE!!!". And there is also Grandsword during the battle with Yami, where he opens the gate and becomes 'Truth.'
  • Applied Phlebotinum: The Crucible, Yellow's ink, Grey's mists, Pemn's pencil, Tsunade's chakra. There are a couple.
  • Author Avatar: The premise and idea behind the entire game. All the characters are Avatars of the player
  • A Wizard Did It: in explaining what happens to members that come and go.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: A lot of the cast operates on this principle. Notable examples are Luka's larger scaled spells.
  • Ax-Crazy: The majority of the cast knows little restraint, and will be set off by the strangest things
  • Butt-Monkey: Luka is this to Grey. In fact, a lot of people are this to Grey at times, but Luka is his regular victim
  • Drunk on Milk: Greycat once became high as a kite due to Yellow 13's Fertile Feet.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Combat against the party is often very one sided.
  • Furry Fandom: Both Greycat and Yellow 13 are fans. Grey has a full on anthro, but Yellow also her Liitle Bit Beastly shape as well. Most recently, Vasily (Drnightkot) has jumped on the bandwagon as well.
  • Genre Savvy: The entire cast really. To the point that people familiar with the work the current world is in tried to predict were the local piece of Unobtainium would be.
  • It's Raining Men: How new players arrive most of time. Some are more flashy, by they tend to just fall out of the sky.
  • Only Sane Man: Yellow 13, Greycat and possibly Luka
  • Meta Guy: Greyct. He can even see that he's just in a game, and can even go and read the threads.
  • Plot Coupon That Does Something: The Crucible Pieces. There is only one piece per universe, and they cannot be fully used until all are collected anyway. They also bestow some additional powers to the party when they collect them.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Greycat and Luka.
  • Running Gag: Each time the group is sent from the Cyber Realm to a new world, they often just-so-happen to be dropped off into someplace undesirable.
  • Useless Useful Spell: One of the powers of Green Sprout is to create temporary trees out of thin air. While this is barley if ever used in Okami proper, in this game, it has considerably more uses including by not limited to Giving Volare, a Transformer, a constant and unlimited supply of fuel, slightly damaging enemies, prodiving shade in an instant, unlimited sources of firewood, getting a person to a higher vantage point instantly, and many others.
  • Story Branching: The side story Multiverse Antagonists is this,bringing new faces like Yuri from red alert 2 and old faces like chaos
  • Bald of Evil:Yuri is this in the branching story,just don't tell him that or you'l press his berzerk button

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