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"It was a strange combination of awe-inspiringly cute, and terrifying. Like a kitten wielding your best friend's corpse as a weapon."
Apocalypse, Multiverse Rising

What happens when you open the floodgates of the multiverse? Chaos, mostly. Multiverse rising started in November of 2015, and is still active today on the forum, Roleplayer Guild.

Multiverse Rising contains examples of:

  • Crazy-Prepared: Cyano can be seen as this, justified considering without her preperations, nanomites, technology, and other items, she's just a normal person who would be outclassed by even the weakest multiverse traveler.

    • Batman has been a discussed character

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  • Mooks: Let's see, you have... goombas, koopas, stormtroopers, mini kaiju, space marines, and many other expendable no ones.

  • Trapped in Another World: just about everyone. It would be easier to name the characters not in this situation. Namely, Cyano Conablum, The Uber Ethereal, and the dark outliners.

  • The Multiverse: The entire premise of the RP. Characters can use items known as terminals to jump around the multiverse.

  • Uniformity Exception: Arguably the kolons. There are very few exceptions between kolons and Kolon. Namely, two kolons have wings, two are slightly larger, and all kolons but Kolon start their name with a lowercase k.

  • We Will Meet Again: The alliance of conquerors pulls this trope with Apocalypse. They leave a warning like this when they are forced to retreat after being chibified.

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  • Yakuza: The Space Yakuza. They come from the mass effect universe, and are arguably the weakest faction in play.

  • Put on a Bus: Tends to happen when a player leaves the RP. The characters they used are typically assumed to just be gone.

  • The Bus Came Back: In Bambietta Basterbine's case, the player left, and the character wasn't seen for a while. Until another player started using her to move the plot along.

  • The Starscream: Literally. Starscream from the transformers series makes an appearance in the RP.


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