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Mr Monty's Neighbourhood is a Tumblr-based roleplay based on the visual novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and a sequel to the roleplay Happy Hope Studios. After two mutual killings, culminating in the execution of HH Studios's mastermind Mifune Chiyori, despair and rioting has swept Japan, but an uneasy peace has returned and society, along with the Future Foundation made up of surviving Hope's Peak students and faculty, has started picking up the pieces.


Which brings us to the present. 18 special, talented children were selected to live together in a small facility. It wouldn’t be treated as a school this time but a more of a test… of community and peace, one that would solidify bonds and inspire. Each person received a special letter of invitation. Although it’d been a secret project, the second the letters went out it became public and attracted a good deal of media attention, both good and bad, although the location of the facility remained a secret. Each special invitation contained a map to a special bus stop, just for them.

It would not end in despair this time.

It couldn’t.

Wait, Tiramisu Town? Where is that? This wasn’t– it’s not what was planned… this wasn’t planned at all.

MMN started up in May 2016 and is currently ongoing.


Tropes featured in HH Studios (for now the usual standbys of Dangan Ronpa) include:


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