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Roleplay / Monoworld: Remastered Revolution

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Monoworld: Remastered Revolution is a sequel to Monoworld 1, as well as the reboot of Monoworld 2.

20 years after the official end of the Tragedy, the world has slowly but surely begun to rebuild. With only a small portion of the world left unpolluted by radiation, the survivors of Junko Enoshima's reign have claimed a large chunk of Europe as their own, declaring it the Neo World Order. Ten sectors have been established, and an era of peace has begun. Ultimates become a thing of legacy; survivors of Killing Games across the world often serve as leaders of the Future Foundation, which now operates as the NWO's government.


But the world is always finding new ways to surprise its inhabitants.

To bolster hope in the nation again, the Future Foundation establishes a new academy, the Neo Hope's Peak. The Ultimates of old are few and far between, but could a new generation be the key to the future? As such, the Foundation decides to hold a competition on national television depicting twenty teenagers battling it out to showcase their amazing talents; twenty will enter, but only ten will be admitted into the new school of hope.

At least, that's how it was supposed to go.

Monokuma, believed to be gone, returns with a vengeance, and so the Killing Game of the new generation begins.


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