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Roleplay / Monoworld 2: So You Think You're An Ultimate

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Monoworld 2: So You Think You're An Ultimate is the sequel to the forum and skype RP Monoworld.

20 Years have passed since the Theme Park Life of Mutual Killing and the people who survived the tragedy are currently in the process of rebuilding the world.

After all that time, Hope's Peak Academy reopened and is now scouting for new talents. Instead of simply inviting them to the school itself, they are instead invited to play in a Reality TV show to prove to the audience just why they are an Ultimate student.


But nobody expected HIM to make a return...

The game can be found here: and now includes an out of game section, where survivors of the tragedy can mingle and watch kids fight to the death once again.

The game formally began on the 15th of August 2016 with 19 Actually 20 Aspiring Ultimates on their way to become Ultimate students.

On October 22nd 2016, the game went on an indefinite hiatus, due to inactivity.


Monoworld 2: So You Think You're An Ultimate features examples of the following tropes.

The New World Order features examples of the following tropes.

  • After the End: Downplayed. Society as a whole is starting to rebuild itself under the leadership of the Future Foundation. However, there are still members of despair and other groups that are running amok.
  • Alternate Universe: From the mainline Danganronpa universe. While it has some similarities, in the NWO, there is a hint that Ruruka Andou and Sounosuke Izayoi are still alive.

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