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An Original Characters Play-by-Post Forum RP run by Savage Heathen. This is an original game: It was originally inspired by Rei Hiroe's Black Lagoon series, but it's gone through serious Scope Creep. It takes place in early 2011, as players assume the role of contractors employed by a Private Military Contractor company called Rogue Veteran Initiative or RVI, whose personnel are mainly former guerrillas, terrorists, assassins, criminals, rogue Intelligence agents, police officers and actual professional soldiers, including former special forces.


They operate at the (fictional) Cheng City, which is located near the Cambodian-Vietnamese land border. The city is a Wretched Hive, largely ran by crime syndicates. The Initiative has HQ at an old Vietnam People's Navy base they call the Jolly Roger. They contract their services to whoever needs their help, from governments to corporations, criminal syndicates or wealthy individuals.

Not without good reason, the Initiative is considered an international criminal organization by the American, Japanese and South Korean governments. RVI is not the only organization with questionable background to be in Cheng City: Pretty much every racket in Southeast Asia has a local branch there.

The signup sheet is located here. You can find the discussion thread here. The main RP thread is found here.

As of 2012, the game is dead.


Cheng City

  • Population: 650 thousand.
  • Median Household Income: 22 grand/year.
  • Life Expectancy: 58 years, but it's misleading. 20% of people eventually have a violent death, but those that live to 50 usually get to die of old age.
  • Description: Cheng City is dominated by Vietnamese-style five-story buildings: Asian-style Kruschevas. Like in Vietnam, motorbikes are far more common than cars. Its buildings are covered by a thick layer of smoke and ash, courtesy of the former power plant. The City has recently gone green, due to complaints about the smog: It's now serviced mostly by solar power, but the old dirt is here to stay. Most trade is conducted in sidewalk markets: Merchants buy and sell everything openly, many of those wares being banned in most countries. There are two casinos: The Lakshmi and the Fat Buddha, but there are hundreds of small gambling establishments. Whorehouses are common: Pretty much all of them are run by the all-powerful Kyabarei Workers' Union. The Union is literally the law on the Red Light District. Aside from the Shipyards, most industry is devoted to unlicensed electronics and weaponry production. Nightclubs of every persuasion prop up in most streets. There's a single hospital: The ancient Uncle Ho Memorial Hospital, a sprawling health care center. In the middle of the bay, there's a round islet, presided by a towering stone Buddha: That's Stone Buddha Beach, the city's most popular tourist destination. There's a Yakuza-run nightclub there.
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  • History: Founded by Vietnam straight at the border during a period of close cooperation with commie Cambodia, the Taiwanese warlord known as General Cheng seized it during the late '80s. Since then, it's operated as a safe haven for the region's criminal underworld.

RVI Services:

  • Founded: 1986.
  • Headquartered on: Cheng City.
  • Status: Went public in 1992.
  • Ownership: Most of the shares (73%) are owned by current and former employees. The remaining shares are mostly property of various shady companies.
  • Net Worth: US$ 3 billion: They own a frigate, they're headquartered in a fortified building, and they've got lots of heavy weaponry.
  • Legal Status: They're considered an international criminal organization by Japan, South Korea and the United States. At war with Myanmar. They can operate freely on Vietnamese waters, as per their 2003 deal.
  • Number of Employees: Roughly 900. 100 crew the frigate.
  • Annual profits: On the 200 million dollar range.

RVI Assets:



  • 1 Gepard class Frigate, the Fortuna. Flagship.
  • 2 Tarantul-class missile corvettes, the Revenge and Retaliation.
  • 1 Zubr-class landing craft, the Smuggler.
  • 2 Humvees.
  • 1 Mi-35M Super Hind chopper, the Condor.


  • 20 Gaz-2975 armored trucks.
  • Undisclosed number of armed and armored BMW F11 and X3s.
  • 6 BMPT and 4 BMP-3 IF Vs.
  • 2 Super Hind choppers, the Crow and the Raven.
  • 1 An-32 transport aircraft.


  • Service Pistol: Glock 37. (.45 ACP)
  • Concealable Pistol: OTS-38 Silent Revolver. (7, 62 commie)
  • Submachinegun: HK PDW. (4, 6 HK)
  • Combat Shotgun: Modified SAIGA-12, full-auto capable. (12 gauge)
  • Assault Rifle: AK-74 Modernized. (5, 45 commie)
  • Squad Machinegun: PK Pecheneg. (7.62 commie)
  • Sniper Rifle: Steyr 50 for long range, Zastava M91 for squad marskman duty. (.50 AE and 7.62 commie, respectively)

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