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The Loli Grail War (name subject to change) —or just LGW for short— is a currently going on Mega Crossover on Twitter, based on the Holy Grail War. It was started to create the biggest crossover imaginable while waiting through the 3 month gap in the middle of the Fate/Zero anime.

For reasons unknown, another Holy Grail appeared. Seven Masters are chosen and drawn to Fragment City where they summon their Servants, and proceed to fight for the coveted Grail. The chosen Masters are:


  • Hayate Yagami - Having heard of the Holy Grail and mistaking it for a Lost Logia, Hayate set out to secure it at any means necessary.
  • Subaru Nakajima - Overheard Hayate going out to secure the Grail and wanted to tag along. Hayate tried to talk her out of it, but Subaru was chosen as a Master anyway.
  • Faris Nyannyan - Being chosen randomly by the grail, Faris, to ensure it wouldn't grant a bad wish, decided that a acquiring a new secret technique would be alright.
  • Keima Katsuragi - After receiving a strange mail and realizing it sounded not unlike a certain galge, Keima decided to enter in order to see the ending.
    • Later on, he transfers his Command Seals to Yui Goido, who managed to trail him to Fragment City.
  • Nagi Sanzenin - Discovering about the Grail in an old book, she searched the internet for more information. After learning all the details, she knew she had to obtain it so she could get her manga published.
  • Saori Bajeena - After having heard of its wish-granting capabilities, Saori sought after it, wanting nothing more than acceptance from her family.
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  • Ruri Gokou - ???

The Servants that were summoned are:

Finally, to ensure that nobody steps out of bounds, the role of Overseer for this Grail War has been given to Sayaka Miki. There are also the Vessel of The Loli Grail Eriko Karube, and her onee-san and protector Yomi Isayama.

Aside from the Masters, Servants, and Overseer, there are many civilians, including but not limited to, Sanae Hanekoma, Daru, Recette Lemongrass, and Lelouch vi Brittania.

The entire cast can be found here.
You can watch the story unfold yourself right here.
Summaries become available at select intervals.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
There's also Lelouch's observations of the war here.

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