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Lockdown is (or was going to be) a seven-part murdergame (six official rounds, one mock round) that takes place in a mysterious campus known as Fayflower University. Characters from different universes are brought to the university with the intent to have them partake in an "Apprentice Program". Monitored by the mysterious Administration, characters must learn to work together to escape from the university, while resisting the temptation to succumb to motives that would drive them to commit one thing and one thing only: murder.


Events from the Mock Round are considered game canon, and will have an effect on the main storyline. The first round started on August 12th 2018.

You may watch the adventure unfold here.

Lockdown has since been discontinued.

This game provides examples of:

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  • All or Nothing: Subverted. Instead of the usual "vote for the correct culprit or face mass execution", there's a scapegoating mechanic.
  • Anyone Can Die: Played even more straight than usual since passes aren't given this time around.

Individual Rounds' Pages can be found here:

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