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Eight items of power, A racist summoner with a heart of...something? and an airship full of heroes. What do they have in common? Adventure!

Legends of Aerith is the Adventures of Hal Simmons and his group of heroes, dragon halfs, magical girls, scientists and a talking dog who travel the world in an airship called "Legends of Aerith". Hal originally gathered them to travel the world and bring him honor amongst his family which looks down upon him. After a disasterous trip into the marsh of dreams however a quest to stop an evil called the Goblin Queen begins and so does a twisting turning plot which started dark and gets more fun as it goes on...


A relativly recent roleplaying game its discussion page is here.

This Roleplay provides examples of:

  • Magic A Is Magic A: The world runs on a Mana system with mana acting as both a raw fuel source for wizards and magical creatures, and a power source for seemingly electronic devices. However the only way to actually make more mana is for a Magical Girl to convert her desires into magic.
  • Magical Girl: Due to the above they are quite common in Aerith. The system is a Lighter and Softer variation of the system used in Puella Magi Madoka Magica with the MagicalGirls being known as Dream Princesses/Princes and the witches as Nightmare Queens/Kings (both genders exist but girls are vastly more common). Like in the show it is possible for Princesses that run out of magic and face deep despair to turn into Queens, but this is rare and the fairy dragons try to prevent this at all costs.
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  • Our Dragons Are Different: So far the RP has featured, Fire, Ice, Lightning elemental standard dragons, stone dragons, and even jelly dragons. Fairy dragons though not-conventional act as familiars to the Magical Girl population and thus are part of the source of magic for the population. All dragon types are mammals with the bigger dragons having sparse hair over their bodies and the fairy dragons being more conventionally hairy. Non-sentient wyverns are more reptilian however.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: Essentially magic in Aerith is considered a physical force to be studied like any other with magology as a field of study like any other.

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