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Roleplay / Lascantia Of The Horizon

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Lascantia of the Horizon is an Indonesian forum-based fantasy roleplay/original fiction. Currently, the roleplay's status is invite-only, with nine players so far. A novelization of the roleplay is under planning, although no plan for English version to date.

In the legend of Astaris religion, it was said that somewhere in this world exists a mysterious gem representing all knowledge and power in this universe named "Codris". Furthermore, it was stated that they who find the stone of Codris and use it will be granted immortality and a power as if they were God.


The existence of mystical Codris can possibly be the solution to the problems engulfing the world of Mel Fera. Mel Fera, where the number of the poor far outweighs the rich. Even the nature of Mel Fera is acting far from just: the everlasting snow in Juilesc, or even the eternal lack of rain in the land of Xavahnia. All of these ultimately drive humanity to compete against and oppress each other, leading to inevitable war with complete domination as its ultimate goal.

Because the biggest secret lies somewhere far beyond the closed horizon, Lascantia. And "the power of God" Codris is the key to unravel it.

Tropes for the cast are available in the Characters page.


This roleplay contains example of:

  • Akashic Records/MacGuffin: The legendary stone of Codris.
  • Awesome, yet Impractical: Soul Limit Breaks can be viewed as such due to their high dice number requirement to succeed (390% for Lv1, 440% for Lv2, and 490% for Lv3), as well as the fact they can only used once in battle.
  • Comedic Sociopathy:
    • The Lascantia Academy AU runs with this trope, partially thanks to Character Exaggeration.
    • On the main story side, Marda's treatment on Esme practically qualifies.
  • Competitive Balance:
    • During playable character (and monsters) creation, the character is given 100 points for each aspect: STR/MAG, VIT/AGI, and DEX/LUK, making 300 points in total. The distributed number remains static; however, the character also has another stat called experience index, ranging from 1 to 5. The initial number is free to decide as long as it's deemed "reasonable", and said number can increase as the story progresses.
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    • Skills and SLBs are divided into three tiers, each with their own restrictions in maximum damage output, allowed number of targets, and status effects duration. Also, the higher the level of the skill is, the longer it takes for its cooldown period.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Applies to at least half of the cast.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Black Calamities and their fragments.
  • The Empire: Juilesc and Kuon.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Each country of Mel Fera is based on real-world region:
    • Wildefarea Queendom: United Kingdom
    • Juilesc Empire: Germany/Russia
    • Chernelle Republic: France/Italy/Spain
    • Xavahnia Kingdom: Middle East
    • Province of Ezewild/Amnaresta Kingdom: Southeast Asia
    • Kuon Empire: East Asia
  • Floating Continent: Cygnior in Xavahnia.
  • Geodesic Cast: Due to its POV-based storytelling system.
  • High School A.U.: The "Lascantia Academy" sub-forum, although it extends to all educational levels instead of solely consisting high school.
  • Job System: While each character may differ in their job title, the jobs can be categorized into four major groups with their own bonuses: Swordsman, Mage/Cleric, Ranger, and Rogue/Martial Artist.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters
  • Urban Segregation: Quite apparent in Juilesc. The capital Belcant is where the wealthy ones live, while industrial area of Velsov is inhabited only by labors.


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