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Kyuupiikei is a submission-based RP group on Tumblr, where players bring their Original Characters and place them in the world of Dangan Ronpa. It has an Alice In Wonderland theme, providing a fun twist on the setting and rules. It was created by Kiki and Limit in the year 2015.

It’s been over ten years since the horrifying massacre of two Hope’s Peak Academy classes, effectively shutting the school out of business for over seven years. But a survivor returns to pick up the pieces, volunteering as headmaster and successfully guiding three whole classes through enriching and, most importantly, safe years.


It’s the fourth year, now, and seniors wish to do something special for their underclassmen - send them off to a wonderful themed camp right before school starts so they can grow closer together, and make friends in a fun, peaceful environment.

Everyone’s rather shocked, however, when an unexpected chaperon shows up.

The students are pulled into a game of mutual killing, where they are trapped. If they want to escape, they must kill a fellow student and get away with it. Motives are given to encourage students to kill. And, as it turns out... One of the students was behind the game the whole time!


Kyuupiikei contains examples of:

  • A House Divided: Trapped in a situation where someone could kill at any time, the students begin to distrust and turn against one another.
  • Body of the Week: Students keep turning up dead!
  • Children Forced to Kill: The students are trapped and told that if they want to go home, they have to kill and get away with it.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Every execution. They are each specific to the student being executed, and they are above and beyond "normal" executions like hanging.
  • Evidence Scavenger Hunt: In each chapter, after a student is found dead, an investigation period takes place.
  • Informed Ability: Each student has a "Super High School Level" talent, but they never really get the chance to display them due to their situation.
  • Public Execution: After each trial, someone is executed. Usually the killer, but in the event of a mistrial, someone innocent will be executed.


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