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Inside TV Tropes freeform roleplay: you're Inside a Computer System, and the computer system is TV Tropes.

For reasons that may never be adequately explained, Tropers are being drawn into the TV Tropes database. Since the human brain isn't equipped to process raw computer data, the database appears to be a vast museum. (I got the idea for this from watching Night at the Museum.) Each page is a room. The walls resemble computer screens, displaying the page text. Examples are exhibits, either static displays or pictures.

You play as yourself. You have some power over this environment. At your touch, internal links become portals big enough to step through. Your touch brings the displays to life. Awakened characters aren't just wax dummies, they're real fictional characters with all the powers and abilities of the originals. Inanimate objects don't start moving, but they become fully functional in your hands. Your touch also turns pictures into PortalPictures, many of which contain entire fictional worlds. It's possible to gain other powers, like those wielded by fictional characters, but you'll have to figure out how, and roleplay the acquisition.


Omniscient Council of Vagueness

TV Tropes is a sovereign political entity. Its government is a benevolent dictatorship ruled by the Omniscient Council of Vagueness AKA the Powers That Be. They like to play mysterious, but their Sinister Silhouettes are distinctive enough to hazard a guess at their identities. They appear to be:

Active Characters

Retired Characters

Retired characters are enjoying an extended stay in Bob and George's Acapulco.

  • Chihuahua0. A teenager with pale skin, brown hair, and handsome facial features. Is wearing a red polo and jeans, and is carrying a laptop, writing folder, and pencils in his pocket. Quirky.

Home Base

A temporary Home Base has been established on The Sims page, inside a Portal Picture to The Sims 1, Neighborhood 2, the big medieval-looking house.



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