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"Character Positioning has no relation to plot relevance." -Alex
Danganronpa: Hope's Requiem is a Discord-based roleplay group.The story follows a group of 18 Hope's Peak Academy students in the year 2132, 120 years after the events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Years into the future society has nearly rebuilt itself from the tragedy and Monokuma has become a worldwide terror symbol.

The new Hope's Peak Academy approved it's first official school trip collaboration "cruise of a lifetime" in the form of a raffle sponsored by entertainment company Charon Enterprises. 18 lucky, randomly selected students were selected to embark on the cruise but not everything went as planned. A few days after boarding, a bomb went off in the lower levels of the ship, forcing the students into escape pods. When they awoke, they found themselves in a new killing game in a mysterious, underwater facility. Not only does terror symbol Monokuma make his reappearance but also 4 new Monokuma-type robots!

The game was shut down on April 8th, 2018 following player inactivity and behind the scenes complications.

Danganronpa: Hope's Requiem contains examples of:

  • Hanging Judge: Monokuma and occasionally The Monokubs.
  • Children Forced to Kill: Danganronpa and by extension this roleplay focuses around the a group students forced into a closed space and told to kill each other in order to escape.
  • Public Execution: Chapter 1's the Gallows motive publically executed the cast's family members every hour and all of the blackened executions count as this.
  • Cast Full of Gay: The game's cast became home to an incredible amount of gay/queer shipping that became the butt of jokes among the group.
    • Ryouta, Kindness, and Yuuto became involved in a love triangle chapter 2 with Kindness and Ryouta beginning to ship chapter 1.
    • Reikai and Pion (Malory) began dating chapter 1. However, in chapter 2, it was revealed Reikai was actually straight.
    • Shoichi and Luka began dating chapter 1.
    • Masaki is canonically gay.
    • Riko has been canonically bisexual since Chapter one. She's been attracted to both male and female cast members and has canonically had a girlfriend before the game.

  • Drugs Are Bad: Since Chapter 2, weed has been a mayor catalyst in certain events happening:
    • Kindness ate some of Reikai's medical marijuana in the form of brownies in chapter 2. This, when paired with Reikai deciding to confess to Kindness in private, desiring to pretend he was her lover, ended up spiraling out of control, to the point where Ryouta almost killed her, after Reikai tried to keep the under-the-influence Kindness in her room to avoid Ryouta learning he had gotten high.
    • Riko got yelled at by Yuuto because she tried to manipulate Misa into giving her drugs.
    • Riko was later lured to her death by Ryouta through the promise of marijuana. It is also presumed that Ryouta himself got addicted to a drug at some point, in addition.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: When Ethan was unexpectedly awoken from his Stasis Pod in chapter 2, Monokuma immediately swooped in to save the day (and integrity of his Killing Game), banning Ethan from telling the students any knowledge of the facility he might know. He also declared Ethan a new addition to the Killing Game, placing him under the same set of rules of the other students.