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Roleplay / Homestuck: The RP

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>Begin copyright infringing fanwork

>Also, rip off the beginning to the actual Homestuck entry

Long ago, in the far-off month of July 2010, a group of Homestuck fans gathered to create a grand project: A forum roleplay of Homestuck starring an entirely different session of kids than the comic. They pooled their collective creativity and humors until the Homestuck RP resulted. The gathered heroes nodded in unison for they saw it would be time-consuming and fun.


>Cut that out

Twelve people signed up to play twelve original character kids engaged in Sburbian hi-jinxes the likes of which you would not believe. And then it spread. Some new players and current players banded together to roleplay eight troll kids in order to better match the Homestuck experience. This Troll RP was originally just supposed to be about bugging the kids but it soon grew its own plot and started affecting the plot of the human RP to a greater degree.

While the Kid part of the Homestuck RP has mostly followed the Homestuck formula, the Troll part has explored the trolls interactions, motivations, aspirations and hesitations after the whole Sgrub experience while they are confined to two separate asteroids in the Veil.

After a while, two new RPs were added to the game's canon. One focuses on a group of amoral criminals on an alternate Alternia in the future, the other being a Sburb session set on a group of space stations known as "The Cluster," which houses a number of refugees from a variety of races conquered by the Alternian Empire.


Some may have thought it silly to begin an RP when so many of the mysteries behind Sburb and the Trolls are yet unrevealed but these brave RPers, these tropers with no fear say "BAH!" They'll just retcon any new revelations in and pretend it was like that all along.


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