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Welcome to Manehattan; home of the desperate, land of the oppressed, and city of steel and stories. Don't drink the water.

Griffon Kingdoms, or as it is officially called, My Little Pony: Griffon Kingdoms, is an ongoing roleplay dedicated to documenting the ongoing struggle of the City of Manehattan, as it struggles under the occupation of the eponymous Griffon Kingdoms. Set four years after the successful invasion of Equestria, Players roleplay as a variety of disparate and multicultural races, including the ponykin races themselves, Griffons, Zebras, and a menagerie of minor races, including some that form their own mini-factions. The tone is always some shade of dark, varying in intensity on who in particular is doing the roleplaying and GMing at any given moment, and the setting is expansive, featuring lore that covers the entire breadth and scope of the Griffon Occupation.


The forum itself was created by Zuberi in early September, 2012, and has only been growing since then. Its current administration consists of five administrative persons who elect to form consensus on new lore and rulings, and a large cadre of regular contributors and volunteers. Despite its niche status, the forum enjoys regular and enthusiastic activity, and is home to some of the friendliest players on the net. It can be found here:

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Griffon Kingdoms contains examples of:

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