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Roleplay / Great Despair Lodge

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"The year is 2031 and the new class for Hope’s Peak has been selected! Though this is looking more like a vacation when they wake up in a beautiful hotel… It’s almost too good to be true! Too bad the hotel’s description left out the mandatory mutual killing event. But hey, the breakfast bar is pretty sweet!"
— The introduction from the about page.

Great Despair Lodge is a Danganronpa–style RP run off Tumblr, Skype, and MSPARP. The game takes place in a universe separate from the original Dangan Ronpa, but follows all the same principles as the original game. 22 students from Hope's Peak Academy find themselves trapped in a luxury hotel, known as the Great Despair Lodge. This luxury hotel is filled to the top with wonderful amenities for all the students, including the massive indoor water park attached to the main hotel. Their fun is cut short as they’re informed by a monochrome otter, dubbed Monootter, that they’re all trapped here. There is a way out though! Simply kill at least one person and get away with it, then you get to walk free. All simple enough.

The game itself is currently ongoing and in the Second Chapter of the game.

Great Despair Lodge provides examples of:

  • Big Bad: There's one person behind this all, but who could it be?