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Welcome Welcome students, to the Castle of Grave Academy, just your regular All-Ghouls School in Transilvannya, but with a few twists; Grave Academy is a Brazilian, Forum-Based RPG, that started on September 2011. In this verse, Monsters walk among us humans! It's not at all a cozy relationship, as monsters are far fewer in number and must maintain The Masquerade.

But that's where Grave Academy comes in, to teach young monsters how to fit in this Human-dominated world, and there, they can learn various disciplines, like: Venoms and Antidotes, Camouflage, Self-Defense, Wield of Weapons, and even Magic; The school is directed By the Headmaster, Jack Jerripher, a Eccentric Dullahan, and his Right-Hand Woman, Sophie Merryweather, a no-nonsense Harpy.


A Canonic story was released on the forum itself in October 31th of the first year, and it covers the stories of the recently-dead-turned-ghost Luke Truesdale, as he is welcomed to the World of Monsters by Jack Jerripher, and is invited to the school, where he befriends and interacts with various other classmates, like the snarky Witch, Blair Liddel, the vegetarian Kelpie, Gary Crawford, the bookish Werewolf, Brenda Thompson, and the Keet Wendigo, Kain Winchester, as they encounter various hardships through their school life, and their clashes with the Monster's sworn enemies, the renegade Hunters, along with other foes.


Grave Academy provides examples of:

Tropes applying to specific Characters:

Luke Truesdale:

The Main protagonist. He dies by being hit by a truck in the first chapter and thus becomes a Ghost and is dragged into the world of the monsters as he enrolls the Grave Academy.

Brenda Thompson

A Female Werewolf, she's a smart and soft-spoken girl, but can sometimes be kind of a Deadpan Snarker. She was the first to befriend Luke, and also has a close bond with Gary and Blair, but she disapproves of Kain's lecherousness.

Kain Winchester

A Halfling Wendigo, he is the comedic relief of the group. Thinks highly of his looks, although not many people agree with him; He's constantly being lecherous, but he's really someone you can count on when it counts. His father Freaked out when he discovered that his wife and child were monsters and he killed Kain's mother in front of him, only to be shot by the boy's soon-to-be Stepmother.

Gary Crawford

A quiet and smart Kelpie, born and raised in the Great Kelpie Tribe, somewhere on Italy. He's quick to make friends, and is the target of many a girl's attentions for his looks, although he himself undermines this, due to the fact that he's homosexual. Before meeting and befriending Luke, he was tricked into touching Bay Stones and was thusly made irascible, picking a fight with the Ghost at the Dining Hall, but once he got rid of the stones, he returned to his kindhearted nature.

Blair Liddel

A young Witch prodigy. She is highly praised for her magic, but she hates all the attention, and although she looks like a poster popular kid, she has many nerdy and quirky hobbies, like LARPing, and designing clothes. She's also the Knight of Cerebus for the first volume, as she was revealed to have been working for the villain all along. However, it's noteworthy that she was coerced into doing so by the main villain, Shade. Throughout her stay at the castle, she became real friends with everyone and essentially became the mask. She tried to get Luke to kill her because of her conflicting loyalties, but luckily, she was snapped out of it by him during their fight on the roof.

Jack Jerripher

The Headmaster, if he can be called that, seeing as he's a Headless Horseman. Jack is a bit on the loopy side most of the time, but can be wise as a sage if the need arises. He's the Third member in the Council of Swords, and so, he's recognized as the third strongest monster alive. Lost his sister, Teresa, after a fight with an ancient demon.

Sophie Merryweather

A commanding Harpy who's the right-hand woman of Jack. She excels in Camouflage, being noted as one of the top practitioners of the art. She's been Jack's friend for a looooong time, and thus, knows exactly how to deal with his eccentricity. She was part of the official Camouflage Commitee, and wanted to reform its more stern rules.


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