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Roleplay / Fire Emblem Ascension

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Fire Emblem: Ascension is a play-by-post roleplay created by Dragalge and can be found on Serebii Forums.

RPG can be found here

Fire Emblem: Ascension contains examples of:

  • Beauty = Goodness: The royal twins, Martin and Maria, are very attractive and are the protagonists of the story.
  • Does Not Like Men: Maria, who is known to reject guys a lot. Doesn't stop her from being a Dude Magnet though.
  • Elemental Powers: Ice for the Manakete Nichol, Thunder for the Diviner Siri.
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  • Friend to All Living Things: Tim gets along much better with animals than with people. His vegetarian diet reflects this.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Queen Amelia of Malevfal.
  • Weapon of Choice: This being a Fire Emblem-based RPG, each of the characters have their own weapons.

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