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Final Fantasy Infinity is a Forum Role Play started in 2011 in the TV Tropes Forum by troper Sijo, based on an earlier one he had run on the Role Playing Game Classics Agora years before under the same title. It seeks to combine elements from *all* the games in the Final Fantasy series, not in a crossover like the Dissidia game did, but rather as a setting where all the characters have always co-existed yet where none of the main events of the games have happened (yet.) Players may play characters from the series or original characters.


(Note: this should not be confused with this website.)

So far, the story has involved a quest for the Sword Of Kings, an ancient artifact desired by Emperor Mattheus (of Final Fantasy II) who sends Judge Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII) to retrieve it for him from the Tomb Of The First Kings. Having failed to bypass its defenses with his own soldiers, Gabranth hires a group of adventurers to help him (the Player Characters). Unknown to him, a second team, composed of Strago and Shadow (Final Fantasy VI) are also trying to obtain the Sword. Eventually the two groups clash, but are forced to flee when the tomb itself attacks them, though Gabranth gets the sword. They get separated into two groups, one of which is temporarily stuck in the dimension called the X-Zone.

The ones still on Gaia Infinity are picked up by Cid Highwind (Final Fantasy VII) only to have to stop at the Gold Saucer to make repairs to his airship. Eventually the second group also makes it to the Saucer.


Gabranth's group is convinced by the Saucer's Owner, Dio, to take part in an arena battle to earn transportation to the Capital, while the others have to deal with the town's prison, and later on, a card game to decide the fate of an entire kingdom.

The game is currently still Active and Open to new players.

Players who have participated in FF Infinity include:

  • Troper/Sijo (Game Master) as Strago Magus
  • Troper/Kuiper as Jica Sart, selkie green mage.


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