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The popular Visual Novel Fate/stay night has been getting quite a lot of Spin Offs recently, whether they're Fighting Games (Fate/unlimited codes), RPGs (Fate/extra), Alternate Universe manga (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA) or... well, whatever Fate/strange fake could be called. Also, the Nasuverse is known for having a surprisingly large amount of Doujinshi based off it, albeit not to Touhou extents. So naturally it wouldn't be long until one of TV Tropes's own decided to put their own spin on the Holy Grail War, right?


Fate/Silence Broken: The RPG story of a girl who started a Holy Grail War by accident is a Forum RPG started by Guest Of Dishonour, detailing the events of the Second Heaven's Feel to occur in the French town of Ciel- Etoile (Starry Sky), about five years after the events of Fate/stay night.

Two-hundred years ago, a mage of the Einzbern family, believing that the search for the Holy Grail should not be limited to just Fuyuki, attempted to start another Heaven's Feel ritual in a French country town said to be closely linked with the angels. However due to a set of unexplained circumstances the ritual was a failure, and the Einzberns, the Holy Church and the Mages' Association promptly lost interest in the town, assured there was no Grail to be found there.

Skip ahead to the Present Day, where a brilliant-yet-arrogant high school girl named Charlotte Fournier stumbles across a book about the Grail Wars and the summoning of Heroic Spirits. Believing that if she summons a Servant her highly neglectful father will have to pay attention to her again, she manages to contract the Heroic Spirit Saber. Unfortunately Charlotte only read the part about summoning a Heroic Spirit, completely neglecting the part about the Grail Wars, assuming them to be just 'pointless history fluff'.


Charlotte quickly realises that she has singlehandedly started another Grail War, and now her sleepy little country town is rapidly becoming the centre of attention for various magical organisations all over. If only she had read the book more carefully...

Signups thread here. Keep in mind the RPG uses pre-prepared characters in the case of Masters, Servants and the Church Overseer, however note that the Game Master can be fairly flexible to an extent if you want to change anything around.

Unfortunately, the original GM quit and left the RPG to the other RPers. After some discussion, the RPG is still up and running.

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