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Roleplay / Fate Mobius Recode

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Fate/Mobius Recode is a private Fate-based Indonesian Play By Post Role-Playing game hosted in Facebook.

Fourteen years after the dismantlement of Fuyuki's Greater Grail, a certain town in a certain nation has successfully finished their recreation of the Holy Grail in order to stage their very own Holy Grail War, and the Holy Church is once again tasked with overseeing the proceeding of the Holy Grail War. The magus of Mage's Association heard of the new War and quickly sent their very best magus to observe and participate if possible. Meanwhile, Chaldea Security Organization has detected the replica Grail as a source of singularity and sent a team to investigate.


Everything went as expected until one day, almost all of the city's inhabitants and newcomers disappeared. The survivors woke up to an empty town and discovered that they did not have any memories of the previous week, nor do they know where exactly they are. Not only that, but they discovered that they can't contact anyone outside of the city as well. As they panicked, a Man with gaudy clothes appeared on every screen in town, claiming responsibility of what had happened and introducing himself as the Servant, Watcher. The survivors are then quickly thrust into a large-scale Holy Grail War of the city of lost memories, Mu.


Tropes that apply to this roleplay are:

  • Anyone Can Die: It's a Holy Grail War, afterall.
  • Cell Phones Are Useless: No one can estabilish contact out of the city. Not even the internet works properly if the server isn't located in Mu.
  • Closed Circle: The City of Mu traps everyone left in it.
  • Ghost City: Mu, although at day the civillians were replaced by Automatas.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: More than twenty master and servants pairs are active. Canonically, in total there were 777 pairs of Masters and Servants.
  • Urban Fantasy: Mu is described as a very modern city, and a magical war happened to took place in it.

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