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Well, I guess Invisible Monsters doesn’t include the heads...
Living your life on top the tower has been easy. Traveling down with a party of misfits and idiots not so much...

They say long ago the ancestors built a tower for their GOD. All you know is the tower stretches for miles upon miles downward. They left the surface of the world and built a dome over their tower. This dome was where you were born. Clouds surround your sky and the rotten remains of the tower are your ground. You never cared about the world below… Until Meru fell. A call is made in the town of Jilva for Faith Testers.

The job pays well and leads to a decent future for most. It comes in response to the town of Meru falling into the tower less then a decade ago. With the supports of the tower failing, Jilva is looking for a way to prevent their destruction.

All these brave souls have left is the values they brought with them into the Tower. Monsters, guardians of the old age, roam the floors and structures come undone under your feet. People can become horribly lost in the labyrinth. Is what they might find worth the death and misery they might face?


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  • Alusso Testing: Yes Max, it is perfectly legal to throw your bone snapping, transparent, scared out of it’s wits, experimented monster at everyone as part of a test… Never mind the fact that you alert the whole cast to it's pain and depression, and that when it loses the spikes on it's tail any damage done to them still hurts and you test things on the spikes... the poor thing needs a break.
  • Apathetic Citizens: The folks in Jilva honestly don’t care or want to know what the crew can do with Drives. They just want their home town safe and peaceful without trouble. It’s all magic anyways. After all Alchemist did it if you ask them.
  • Apocalypse How: Really what did happen to the earth below already? Why is everyone in the tower? What caused a Salamander of all things to mutate into a hopping biting poisonous, semi transparent monster? Nobody figured to write this stuff down so….
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  • Big Labyrinthine Building: Well the tower is old and rotten, and people been lifting the insides of it out for years… Makes it a great home for the monsters though.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: One of the potential job classes is Orphan… Whether they are up to any good or not is the question. They seem to love hoarding the forbidden orb devices.
  • Discount Card: Merchants can get whatever they want cheap. Too bad they only can use their teams savings for these deals…
    • It would be a story breaker if the richest guys around could get everything with Daddies Money. Not to mention there the fact that Matius Master Hates Your Guts that will only make money harder to hold onto.
  • Doomed Hometown: Anyone from Meru lived through it’s fall and utter destruction down the tower. Too bad that people can’t decided on what caused it to happen.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Lets see, Little transparent monsters that can shatter bone and swim in poison? Check. Poisonous water? Check. Hometowns falling through the top of the tower to deep down below? Check. The dreaded yet as of now unknown Yulta? check...
  • Funny Background Event: The entire time the party is getting their ass handed to them by Matius a few lines are directed to his workers fawning over Miximac or royally screwing up in which leads to Matius stomping off to correct them… the entire time the rest of the group returns to calmly talking until Insanity Ensues with Nil and Nim trying to prove they can be useful Trainees. Another fine example: Nil and Nim screaming in utter terror and jumping up and down while the Alusso is released. Never mind that Nim has his shirt ripped off of him by Bellona to serve as a net.
  • Limited Social Circle: Once you are in a team, you live with said team… In the same home. You cannot change teams or swap members. Subverted with that teams can work together or hang out on their own. Nobody is obligated to spend time with just their team… But still, the living spaces get very cozy…
    And heaven help you if you’re a slave. You can’t do anything without your boss’s say so… You can’t even chase a loose monster that is attacking you away.
  • Magitek: The locals call it magic… Alchemist call it technology mixed with a pinch of magic… Either way thats how Drives, the weapon of choice are formed.
    They can look like anything from a Backpack to a Headband and each one has it’s own powers. Built by taking an object, transmuting it to mist and fusing it with a Drive Core you get Drives. Each class has it’s own drive type… Except Orphans who have the unrefined Orbs…
    • Amplifier Artifact: Judgers can use their Player Drive to float or power up other Drives… Just not at the same time.
      Floating is actually useful given that the floor can break at any moment you can be one foot above the rest.
    • Adaptive Armor: Well More like a shield that will either become more weapon like and lighter or turn into full on armor as you work with it… But Guard Drives do evolve like all others here.
    • Breath Weapon: All blitzer can breath fire when they have the Flare Drive equipped… in fact EVERYONE could breath fire if they owned the correct drive… thankfully not everyone is a Well-Intentioned Extremist here.
    • In a Single Bound: The power Jumpers possess in their Jump Drives. Super speed and jumping abilities that without training could kill an experienced user. Like all drives though, everyone here gains experience to handle these things.
    • Cute Machines: Seers, flying little robots that sometimes take the forms of cute yet long extinct animals or just plain robots. Watchers love them because what’s better than a robot companion you can attach guns too? Well one that doesn't have the processing abilities to try and KILL YOU.
  • Merchant City: Rundul, City of Merchants and doubles as city of explosives. It is the furthest away from the main city Jilva… they do have impeccable trade routes through and below the tower however.
  • News Travels Fast: Maximiluim the Second’s position as a famed and well known Alchemist. Even though he only just recently received the title of professor.His brother’s fame is all but unheard of though…
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Well they aren't the best but at least they don't have much to lose...
    Naomi: Please try to avoid talking about setting explosives in populated areas. That's a great way for them to know not to hire you.
    Que: Why not? I set things on fire all the time...
    Jian: And what, exactly, do you think that says about you, Bomb Brain?
  • The Tower: Man build a tower up… now the poor Faith tester need to fix it all up before the whole thing falls apart…
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Blitzers[1]... they just love their bombs and want to really help out... most of the time. Other times they really dislike Jumpers banning their firework shows.