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Elsong is one of the Dungeons & Dragons games running in the Troper IRC Channel. It is agreed by all to be very awesome. Contains Ho Yay. Runs Wednesdays in #elsong-dnd.

Chronicles the adventures of the Dawn Lions, a motley ad hoc squad on a mission to save the world from a demonic conspiracy that destroyed the continent of Elsong.

William Harveya.k.a. fist of Kord, blademaster of the Divine Flame, captain of the Dawn Lions squad. His body is the shield of the innocent; his soul is the sword of the just. Human Paladin.
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Al RascalaA light-fingered Chaotic Neutral thief who's maybe in it for the money, maybe in it for the chance to hang out with pretty ladies, or maybe a little of both. Human Rogue, multiclassed into Swordsage.


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Ceridwen BronachA small, skittish, and shy bard from the north looking for new material to write songs about. Equiped with the powerful moe!hat, she is a recent addition to the Dawn Lions. Has a rather... interesting aversion to gnomes that she is not willing to talk about. Human Bard.

Ariella KeldonFire-loving female human Swordsage from somewhere. In it for the experience and the practice—but money doesn't hurt. Actually has points in swim! Can teleport at will.

Darius QatureQuiet Cleric of Boccob who recently joined the group after they passed through town. Certified identifier, appraiser, and alchemist, he's slowly talking more and more to the other members. And telling them he thinks they're stupid. Human Cleric.


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