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Roleplay / Eldari Saga

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A series of post-apocalyptic forum-based war role playing game and (eventually) stories.

The main action takes place in the Former United States of America's South-Western region, focusing on Kilo, Lima, Mike and Tango Sites, City 51, Tribal cities, and The Monastery.

The story goes that in the mid 21st century, the world enters a cold war due to planetary resources having been depleted. During this time, a new religion entered the scene and began converting new followers, who began to hide in underground cities. When the United States launched their first colonization ship, the rest of the world mistook it as military ordnance and started launching every nuke they had.


After the End the world was a wasteland, leaving behind only the people who had the foresight to take shelter. Chronologically the stories are as follows.

  • Warsaw the 42nd
  • Unsung Heroes of Kilo Site
  • Unsung Heroes of Tango Site
  • The Black Rose War
  • Minuteman's Song
  • The 5100

The Eldari Saga, as a whole, contains examples of:


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