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Roleplay / Echoes Of Oblivion

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An Exalted game hosted by Vincent of the Middle Ground Forums. The story begins with rumors abounding in the city of Lookshy. Namely, rumors about the Mourning Fields, a shadowland brimming with Death Essence, literally disappearing overnight. On the order of the Mask of Winters, two Abyssals have been sent to investigate. While in Lookshy, they come across another Abyssal, a mysterious man who they later find out is a Sidereal and an Infernal. Hilarity and Intrigue then ensue.


This work contains example of...

  • Beyond the Impossible: Expected in an Exalted game, but both Lu Xu and Angus have successfully dodged and punched a black hole, respectively
  • Critical Research Failure: invoked Defied. Out of Universe, the Player playing Vladen was new to playing a Sidereal and thus took a couple days off and read all the fluff in the Sidereals book
  • Let's Split Up, Gang: At the end of the very first session. Justified in that the group had just met and there was only one horse between them.
  • Overly Long Name: Part and parcel with having three Abyssals in the party, although Angus has one, too.
  • Power of the Sun: Something the Solars and even Angus have been capable of doing, though Angus uses a different kind of sun.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Lu Xu destroying a flying city in only a couple of swings, while Angus has grown enough in power that an errant swing of his hand can gouge huge chunks out of mountains at range.
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  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: So ragtag that it's even been lampshaded in-universe. Let's review; Three Abyssals, a Sidereal and an Infernal. Now Two Abyssals, A Solar, a Sidereal, an Infernal, and a Lunar.
  • Unexplained Recovery: This happened to an entire Shadowland, namely the Mourning Fields. Apparently caused by a pair of infernals working to mysterious ends.
  • Villain Protagonist: Only Angus seems to be truly nefarious, though the party isn't exactly a bunch of knights in shining armor.

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