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The Rainbow Omen is a play-by-post RPG on the forums, created by Kiruria and also played by chihaya01, DVB, Kofii, Zekshirom, Pir 8 Heart, Monster Guy, Lost, Beirut, and Billy Mays. It takes place in the universe of EarthBound and contains elements from the entire Mother series, most notably the weird and quirky enemies, the heroes' use of PSI (well, most of them anyway), and appearance of some canon characters throughout the RPG.


The story takes place after the rebirth of the world at the end of Mother 3. All was fine and dandy in the world, until one night, when an aurora of rainbow-coloured lights called the "Aurora Mysteria" appeared in the sky. Though beautiful, the Aurora Mysteria had an evil influence on the earth, causing all sorts of monsters and malevolent everyday objects to go around causing mayhem. People also started mysteriously disappearing. In the midst of all this, a Starman appeared on all TVs across the world, and the source of the Aurora Mysteria was confirmed as a suspicious site in Quetzal's rainforest.

The Aurora Mysteria also granted several Chosen Ones the ability to use PSI or have other special techniques, just like the protagonists of the canon games. In this RPG, the group of Chosen Ones varied over time as people entered and quit the RPG, but included the characters Gon, Aqua, Diego, Kyornik, Tekina, Gale, and Amanda, mainly.


The RPG started with all the Chosen Ones being summoned to the lab of Dr. Andonuts, who told them about a magical music box that could have the power to dispel the evil source of the Aurora Mysteria. This music box had been stolen from him by a Starman and broken into seven pieces, which were scattered all over the world. Thus, the Chosen Ones' mission was to collect these seven pieces.

But oh no, the task wasn't that simple. Interesting places to visit, character sub-plots, meetings with important NPC characters, and battles with enemies made their journey a bit more interesting...


This RPG has examples of:

(listed in alphabetical order, and does not include tropes applied in the same way as in the Mother games.)

Tropes that apply only to one main character (or two) go in the Characters section instead.

  • Adventure-Friendly World: The world the RPG takes place in definitely qualifies. Why else would there be unearthly enemies roaming about who seem designed to be defeated by the Chosen Ones? Or overly-generous civilians who serve the purpose of providing convenience to the heroes?
  • Accidental Kiss: Solstice, Diego's pet raven, knocks Diego right into a full-on kiss with Amanda while the two are on Mt. Itoi. Diego should have an easy time joining the Mile High Club in the future... literally.
    • This scene is later parodied in the Dalooni arc, where Looney Aki (Gon's evil-turned dragonfly companion) knocks Gon right onto Leo; Gon's face lands "suspiciously close to [Leo's] hips".
  • Alien Invasion: The Starmen invade once again, just like they did in EarthBound. However, this time their intentions aren't quite clear. They're apparently tied to the kidnappings though.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: The Dracona Minors are physical manifestations of the evils of humanity.
  • Big Fancy Castle: King Ferdinand's castle in Winters, and the Fortuna Palace in Dalaam. Reynard University also counts, yet another of the many castles in Winters.
  • Bizarro Universe: Dalooni, which is to Dalaam as Moonside was to Fourside in Earthbound. In this world the grass is an electric green, the sky is purple, the moon is pink, and the strangest creatures, from Eerie Smiles to Moonwalkin' Mushrooms, inhabit the place.
  • Captain Crash: Pilot Saturn. He's actually quite good at piloting the Skyrunner Mark II, but not at taking care of the engine. While he's flying the Chosen Ones to Winters, for instance, the airship crashes because he left a pickle in the engine.
  • Clear Their Name: Lord Passion in Ferdinand Castle, who was blamed for all the hauntings there. The Chosen Ones ended up proving him innocent by discovering the Death Notes (the real culprit)—and surviving their attacks.
  • Closed Circle: This is how the main characters all meet (except for Aqua and Amanda): they are all teleported to Saturn Valley, an isolated location.
  • Cool Airship: The Skyrunner Mark II. So long as a Mr. Saturn isn't flying it, anyway.
  • Crash Course Landing: The Chosen Ones are forced to pull this off while the Skyrunner Mark II is flying to Quetzal. Pilot Saturn is petrified with fear during the UFO attacks, so Kyornik ends up trying to steer the plane, and Gon accidentally initiates the emergency landing procedure.
  • But Thou Must!: Kiruria (the GM) forces this upon the other players with her "What you must/cannot do" lists at the end of some of her posts.
  • The Chosen Many: The Chosen Ones, the main protagonists of the story.
  • Demonic Possession: The fourth music box piece was cursed after Luvina died, giving rise to the bizarre alternate dimension known as Dalooni. This curse also possessed her brother Luvin, causing him to attack the Chosen Ones.
  • Distress Ball: Amanda catches this in Ferdinand Castle, beeing foolish enough to wander into the music room by herself. Thankfully, the worst that happened to her was ending up Only Mostly Dead.
    • Diego may have caught it too in Club Kousagi, although it's not quite clear what he did that caused him to get kidnapped by the UFO's.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: Invoked in Quetzal, where the Chosen Ones are warned against going into the rainforest because of all the evil things happening in there.
  • Enclosed Space: The rainforest in Quetzal, and also the Starmen's base where Blake was held for a while.
  • Expy: Like in EarthBound, all the continents of the world are parodies of real-life continents or countries:
    • Eagleland: North America, specifically the USA.
    • Quetzal: South America
    • Scaraba: Africa (with heavy emphasis on Egypt)
    • Dalaam: India and the Himalayas, and maybe China somewhat
    • Sunrise: Japan; this is broken down into Sakura = Kyoto, Robot City = Tokyo, and Mt. Itoi = Mt. Fuji
    • Winters: Northern Europe
    • Summers: Southern Europe
    • Some of the musical groups in the RPG are Expies of real-life music groups as well. For example, Candy and Andy are an Expy of Bubblegum Dance groups like Aqua and Toy Box, and Ravenesque is an Expy of Nightwish. And as they were in Mother 3, DCMC could be an Expy of AC/DC too.
    • The Yo-Top, an invention of Dr. Andonuts given to Leo, is a combination yo-yo and top, and is modeled after a Beyblade. The holographic images that project from it when Leo uses PSI is reminiscent of the bit-beasts residing in a beyblade.
  • Fat and Skinny: An important pair of Dracona Minors qualify as this. Toccata is the skinny one and the more cunning, with more powerful flames; Fugue is the fat and lazy one who is physically stronger but has weaker flames.
    • Diego and Amanda also qualify, given how they're shipped together.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Dr. Andonuts, as well as Diego.
  • Gentleman Adventurer: Sir Boing.
  • Giant Spider: Amanda comes face-to-face with one on Dalooni's moon, while everyone else is fighting evil versions of their animal companions.
  • The Great Repair: Repairing the magical music box is necessary for the Chosen Ones to enter the rainforest in Quetzal.
  • Good Morning, Crono / Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World: Like the canon games, the RPG starts out with this for most of the main characters' introductory posts.
  • Hammerspace: Kyornik's Shard of Event Horizon is this in item form.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: There's one scene in Ferdinand Castle where Kyornik is listening to music on his headphones, and thus is completely unaware that his finger-snapping to the music is causing bolts of his newly-learned PK Thunder to fall all over the bedroom.
  • Infinity -1 Sword: The Sword of Kings, given to Tekina by Dr. Andonuts.
  • Lovable Rogue: Max, Aqua's long-lost brother.
  • Made of Evil: According to the Starmen, the Dracona Minors are manifestations of the evils of humanity.
  • Magic Music: Tekina's PK Harp technique, and also the magical music box (once it's put together that is).
  • Musical Theme Naming: Toccata and Fugue, a pair of the "Dracona Minor" (D Minor for short?) species.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Anti-hero Amanda has a habit of doing this. The most prominent example is how she killed Luvina, which resulted in her using the last of her PSI to place a curse on one of the music box pieces owned by her brother Luvin. This in turn caused a wave of "smiles" to haunt Dalaam with their unbearable laughter, and the only way the Chosen Ones could dispel this evil was to dive into the Bizarro Universe, Dalooni, created by it.
    Luvin: If only Luvina were still alive, this place called Dalooni would never have existed, and I would have happily just given you this trinket! Well, for the price of a hundred thousand dollars, anyway.
  • Only Mostly Dead: The "Deadlike" status that the Death Notes can inflict upon victims. It makes the person appear dead, but they are revived when the enemy that caused the status is defeated.
  • Punny Name: Dr. Coffey Andonuts and Mr. Hookton Phonics.
    • The Bat of Clubs (Kyornik's weapon) also counts, making the weapon sound like a playing card.
    Dr. Andonuts: And if you ever come across the Bat of Hearts, Diamonds, and/or Spades, tell them I said hi.
  • Shoulder-Sized Dragon: The Dracona Minors.
  • Sssssnaketalk: The Dracona Minorsssss ssssspeak in it, even though they are dragonsssss, not sssssnakesssss.
  • Talking Animal: All the Chosen Ones' animal companions are this.
  • The Bus Came Back: Santana was re-admitted into the RP when sign-ups opened again.
  • Weird Moon: Dalooni's moon. It's large and pink, and after becoming fully eclipsed, the Chosen Ones end up floating up and landing on it, where they engage in the final battle there.

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