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Dungeon Dwellers Redux is a forum-based Role-Playing Game created by Behemoth542.

Once upon a time, an almighty entity with a name long forgotten through the echoes of ages and eras, created the world of Kandour. And… that’s it. No one discusses the fact that Kandour has been created. The how and why, however, is widely discussed.

But let’s not get sidetracked. This is not the tale of that god-like being and its possible existence, but of a fight that has lasted for decades between the Mighty Empire of Good and the nefarious Dungeon of Evil. Specifically, on what the Dungeon does.

The reason these factions have been fighting since most people remember is another widely discussed fact. It has been specuated that the ruler of the Dungeon, the Keeper, was once a friend of the king Charles Fattums XXXVIII until a conflict made the ruler of the realm banish him to a pit of despair, solitude and many, many bugs, filled with other despicable creatures despised by the people of the Empire. The Keeper, through unknown arts and magics, transformed himself into the shape that he possesses nowadays. This was the start of the Dungeon, as the most accepted theory says. Not even the king of that moment lives to shed some light on that speculation, as his grandchild, Charles Fattums XL, is the actual ruler, and most of the people are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s, or are now simply dust and bones. But that’s not the point either.

This tale will follow the adventures and misadventures of several members of the Dungeon, who will partake in a special project designed by the Keeper to gain some advantage over the Mighty Empire of Good and finally beat them. What will he do when he does that? Well…

We’ll probably find out later.

This is a comedic role-playing game set on the fantastical world of Kandour. Each player will play as one of the many creatures of the Dungeon of Evil.


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