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Dragon Ball: Universe is a roleplay reboot of another roleplay on the Portal To The Multiverse Subforum of the Fifth Dimension within the NationStates Metaverse. The original roleplay was originally created by was created by Quavv but the original soon died and in it's place was a new one by was created by New Rnclave, being Co-Led by Narintia, Britanania and The Republic of Atria.

The roleplay supposedly takes place within a universe separate to that of the Dragon Ball universe but copies just about everything except for the plo- oh wait... characters aside from Shenron, he's ripped straight from the canon. It takes place within sagas; each with it's own thread which sounds like spam but who gives a hoot, there's also a "comprehensive" power level list despite the fact that power levels are bullshit and a link to a "Map of Earth" which literally just takes you to a gif of the Earth exploding, lovely!


The backstory is that a member of Frieza's Race (called Arcosians in this roleplay) destroyed the Saiyan Homewo- oh come on now they're just stealing intellectual property. We don't know what happened between the roleplay's events and the prologue but nobody needs to care anyways.

Plot Tropes

  • Tournament Arc: No, seriously. The roleplay begins in a tournament. And then there's another one held by a god.
  • Not Just a Tournament: And then our supposed heroes get attacked.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: You know how I mentioned that Map of Earth?
  • Kill All Humans: Okay, not every human dies but about 90% do.
  • Dying Race: Apparently everything that exists, including humans are dying out.
  • MacGuffin: Okay, now they need to find seven titular namesakes to summon a wish-granting dragon.
  • Not So Extinct: Saiyans, there's fuckin' loads of the monkey bastards.
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  • Time Travel: You know what, this is just straight-up ripping off the original series... I'd quit now but I got a page to write.

This is still WIP.

Character Tropes

  • Big Bad: There's over 9000 of these, I don't know where to start.
  • Cyborg: Android 92, totally not Android 18.
  • God Job:
    • Atum: This guy is not only has being a Kai (or Supreme Kai, nobody knows or gives a fuck) but is an asshole, he sent a child down to hell for failing a mission! What kind of retard sends a child to do an adult's work, it only proves that Atum is also lazy!
    • Otis: Oh and this guy? He's a god who mentors destroyer gods and becomes emotionally attached to them...
  • Eye Color Change: Saiyans means Oozarus, which have red eyes. Saiyans also mean Super Saiyans, and we know they'll be appearing and then all the humans become irrelevant, boo hoo!

Again, WIP.

Roleplayer Tropes

  • Author Filibuster: There are quite a bit of these, heck some posts in this roleplay take up half a page or more.
  • Writers Suck: Especially this one obnoxious asshole named Gur- oh... fuck. There's another one who is essentially a walking spoiler.

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