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Doctor When? (note the question mark), is a Play-by-Post game based on Doctor Who. However it's set in an Alternate Universe where the Time Lords actually won the Time War and wiped out both the Daleks and the Cybermen. The universe is at relative peace but then a strange Time Lord falls into the universe, a Time Lord who calls himself "The Doctor".

Because the Doctor didn't exist in this universe, there are numerous differences including Torchwood never existing, luckily (or unluckily depending on what you are) there are two other alien investigation agencies. The first group is called "Whitechapel" or WC for short, they are a team of MIB who believe that all aliens want to conquer Earth and basically go around stealing their stuff and Cutting Them Open. The other group Interlace Option, better known as the IO are a rival group of Overt Operatives who are fighting to make Earth a safe haven for Extra-Terrestrials, the problem is that Whitechapel killed their leader; so they've been thrown into disarray. An underlying plot is the conflict between Whitechapel, the IO and the Time Lords.


The site can be found here. In the middle of September 2010, the moderators disappeared, to prevent the site from dying, it was moved to a site called Time Travel and Tea. And now the moderators have come back and the new site is called Other Side of the Crack

Tropes present in the RPG include:

  • Alternate Universe: Instead of being "Parallel Worlds", they're more like "Intersected Worlds". This universe and the regular Whoniverse touch for a very brief period, leading to The Doctor winding up there.
  • Jack the Ripper: No, he wasn't Prince Albert; no, he wasn't Lewis Carroll, and no, he wasn't Doctor Williams. He was in fact an alien called a Juwessasashanav and killed five women to feed his addiction to fear.
  • Orphaned Series: Thankfully averted, when it looked like the site was going to go that way a few members opened up a new site called ''Time Travel and Tea'' to continue the plot until the moderators get back