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Roleplay / Destine Enormity

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"They say that heroes have been dead for years now . . . they were wrong."
DE's tagline.

Arcadia, the city where the villains won.

No-one knows when Arcadia was founded, or why it was named that. All anyone can say is that there was a war fought with superpowers, an epic conflict between good and evil - and good didn't prevail. Fifteen years later, Arcadia is ruled by the iron fist of the Wise Men, Orwellian dictators with superpowers on their side. People without powers are confined to ghettos, and any attempt at defiance results in the troublemaker being whisked away to Tartarus by the Wise Men's secret police, the Elite.

But there is a ray of hope. A group of self-styled heroes, the Messiah Complex, are fighting against all odds to take down the Wise Men. Whose side will you be on?

A Play-By-Post forum rpg with some AIM chat roleplaying to spice things up - they're always accepting new members!


They also have a tumblr for their art and various short stories focused on shipping.

This roleplay has the examples of

  • The Bad Guys Win: The roleplay's entire premise is the the villains won against the heroes, creating a city of suffering for anyone that isn't them.
  • Differently Powered Individual: In this case, the term is "Power Users" - although the nature of the setting is such that more commonly they're called "people" or "us", as opposed to the powerless Normals.
  • State Sec: Arcadia's police force is called the Elite. They encompass all the functions of the government, but are most often seen fighting the rebels or investigating traitors.