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"please let me in"

SOULS, DC, WITCHES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Death Hunters is a roleplay group based on deviantArt. It focuses on the most recent generation of new students at Grimoire Academy. To qualify as a student, you must either be a meister or a weapon. The goal to become a Death Hunter (also Title Drop) to hunt the ghouls that have overrun the world. It is dangerous and it doesn’t help that the staff are useless. Everyone dies. There is no sequel.

There are Loads and Loads of Characters and many people are Death Seekers.


General Tropes


Characters in alphabetical order by first name. You may also link to their pages here.

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cool quote


Tropes associated with Character:

    Alexis Desjardins
It's a pleasure.

Polite and friendly, Alexis is always pleasant, always at ease, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Make nice, keep your distance, mind your p's and q's, and there shouldn't be any problems.

Tropes associated with Alexis:


    Amity Ward
Let's be friends! What are your hobbies?
Soft spoken and a coward down to her core, Amity was never popular — mind you, if you count the school librarian and a few short-lived others, she was not a complete loner. That aside, Amity had no fighting prowess to speak of, no death hunter family history, no demon weapon blood in her veins. Her father worked in a factory and her mother worked odd jobs while she dreamed of fairytale princesses waiting for their knights. She was and still is a civilian who applied to the esteemed Tabularasa for well, its namesake; a clean plate. The hopes to maybe some day be a powerful, popular hero. A litany of hardships and a trek across a cold wasteland of post-apocalyptic America did nothing to strengthen her so much as push her into quiet defeat. Civilians can't just pick up a sword and declare themselves heroes after all.

Tropes associated with Amity:

They say you can’t make amends with the dead.

he's a fuckign loser what else do you want to know

Tropes associated with Asriel:

    Ciardha Naoise
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some angry ginger I guess

Tropes associated with Ciar:

    Drew Christiansen
The dead stay dead.

THE DEAD STAY DEAD EXCEPT FOR HER. Why are there so many.

Tropes associated with Drew:

    Ezra Granblood
Tongue wrestle that shit.
I want to be needed.

Tropes associated with Ezra:

sad emo furry
Don't talk to me don't look at me don't breath on me.

Raised in an esteemed family that fostered powerful death weapons, life was harsh to Freddy from a young age. With so many long reaching shadows to peer up over and a cutthroat environment where siblings stepped over siblings, the runt of the litter had not only the highest expectations as the patriarchy heir, but also was the target of his parents' anger and disappointment. Upon being shipped to Grimoire after an unfortunate family incident, he met the end of the world with a wide grin and happy demeanor; he was finally free. He made friends, his life turned around, he met someone he was perfectly content spending the rest of eternity with — skip ahead five years to the seraphs returning and to her death and well. Here we are.

Tropes associated with Freddy:

    Lamar Ogunlusi
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I'd really love to go home..

kinda eh

Tropes associated with Lamar:

    Ng Li Na


A lazy brat from China who depended on her partner for everything until she was left to fend for her own and attempts to turn over a new leaf.

Tropes associated with Lina:

    Octavia Septenson
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I can't believe a Nakhj lasted longer than me

She was noble and now she is dead

Tropes associated with Octavia:

    Pasha Mikhailovich Gogol
I'm not annoying, I'm Pasha!

Over-exuberant, over-enthusiastic, and over-everything, Pasha is a woefully affectionate kid who never quite grew up. Prior to the apocalypse, his life had been completely dedicated to acting and dazzle, so faced with the harsh reality of the apocalypse he simply just looks the other way. No problem, right?

Tropes associated with Pasha:

    Peter Pierre Rabbit Nakhj CII
In Memoriam
I apologise, I have failed.

The youngest of the Nakhj children, Pierre started out chasing his dreams but ended up unwillingly staining his hands with blood. He was ascended and dies shortly after the Five Year Timeskip. Do NOT tongue wrestle that shit.

Tropes associated with Pierre:

    Phyllis Andriessen
Also Known As: Piano
I don’t see why I should become coldhearted as well. So until the day I die, I’ll keep this warmth.

What used to be an optimistic girl from a small town has now grown up as Phyllis comes to terms with reality. Warmhearted, she shows kindness to everyone that she meets. Though she seems to keep certain emotions under lock and key. After all, she has to keep smiling through everything.

Tropes associated with Phyllis:

  • All-Loving Hero - Though not at first, Phyllis has grown to become one. Everyone has a tragic story, and everyone deserves to be loved. That's her current mindset, despite the current situation.
  • Angst? What Angst? - It’s okay! Just smile!
  • Berserk Button - No one is allowed to lay a harmful hand on the Nakhj brothers, especially her partner Pietro. Highly protective of her friends, she will do everything she can in her power to keep them safe. And by anything, I mean anything.
  • Bookworm - Looks directly into her library for a room, please let her go back. Before the civil war, Phyllis spent the majority of her time in the library or in her room, which she seems to have turned into a mini-library.
  • Break the Cutie - Chapter 8.1 in seeing hallucinations of the bloodied, mangled corpses of friends, both in Grimoire and from the past. Drove her to lash out at the enemies on Q side.
  • Country Mouse - She leaves her small-time village in the woods for the big city to pursue her ambitions in Grimoire Academy in California, which is certainly a step up from Wales.
  • Friendless Background - (To an extent) Back in her home village, she kept her distance from the majority of the inhabitants. She didn't have many friends, but did have the company of her brother and the new kid in the village.
  • The Empath - Do I need to explain.
  • He Will Not Cry, So I Cry For Him
  • Mismatched Eyes - Thanks to Novelesque, one of her eye is a deep red. She's half Ayano.
  • Perpetual Smiler
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt - See her entire app archive
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • Taking the Bullet - High chance (very high chance) to do it.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist - Her kindness towards everyone is far too much... it gives the expression that she's naive and rather childish.
    • Somewhat subverted. Haze themselves says that Phyllis knows that she's likely to get killed if she were to show kindness to the wrong person, but she continues to do so regardless.

    Ralph Septenson
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Cousin marriage is legal in the UK

6th son of a 6th son, he has no remarkable powers except the ability to be a trashbag in general. Decided to infiltrate Grimoire academy using the identity of his dead cousin but he ended up getting stuck there and has been sour about it ever since.

Tropes associated with Ralph:

    Roxanne Avia
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cool quote

game of thrones

Tropes associated with Roxanne:

  • Draconic Humanoid: While not entirely fitting the category, she was told her body had taken up traits of the creature her soul resembled— a wyvern. She developed small traits such as claws and fangs, and even had her own baby wyvern she kept as a companion.
  • Dye or Die She was forced undercover in a He Knows Too Much situation when one of the teachers was secretly murdering her fellow students, and she became a witness.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: After the Ascension, Roxy turned to alcohol to forget her problems. Her ex supported this, somewhat unknowingly, and she had no proper intervention until she sought out help from her friends, partner, and adopted family at the sanctuary.

    Santa Herring
Today's lucky item is a coffin!

Strange, superstitious child from some Halloween village across the sea. He seems to have a purpose and a goal, but fell down a little rabbit hole while trying to achieve it.

Tropes associated with Santa:

    Sasha Bellerose 

    Shiro Onizuka
actually a birb
I am not a fucking Christmas ornament.

not an anime protag

The sole demon weapon born after a decade into the Onizuka Clan, Shiro was celebrated and forced into Grimoire Academy to train, to become a hero and make something of his life. However, things doesn't always work according to keikaku.Shiro is a mostly relaxed individual with a playful touch, especially those he's close to. But after his traumatic experiences at Grimoire, he's grown to become distrusting and bitter towards those of the resistance, full loyalty to The Lady who has freed him.

Tropes associated with Shiro:

    Shuuhei Onizuka
not shady at all
Hei there! Oh- Have I met you before..? In my dreams that is!

just ur neighbourhood nice guy

A very friendly and chipper guy, Shuu always keeps a happy exterior, livening up any dark situation by joking around and never taking anything seriously. He's constantly trying to impress people, make a show and despite his chaotic tendencies, tends to be the peacemaker of the group. He just wants to be your friend. (:

Tropes associated with Shuu:

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gimme the dog

it'sa fish

Tropes associated with Character:

  • Hidden Depths
  • that's every single character fish owns
  • no more tropes for me

    Terabithia Rowena
the ghoul worshipper
What's your pride worth if you're dead?

Tropes associated with Terabithia:Born, given to the state, adopted into a cult where everyone worshipping ghouls. Terra was raised off the idea that "people are meant to die and should have never been born" and thus she dedicated her entire childhood to the idea of supporting the creatures as their own gods. She was desensitized to violence by exposure to various forms of sacrifice, but then when the time came for her own she baled. She ran off to face the crumbling world at a young age, and still faces dissonance over her choices. So far lily says she wont die until she's 80 but if she keeps being abandoned in danger then maybe we'll get somewhere

Tropes associated with Terabithia:

  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Somewhat of a Defrosting Ice Queen. She's willing to work with people in a professional manner to get tasks done, but she opens up to few people she respects.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: From her upbringing in an Apocalypse Cult, she was raised to believe that Ghouls were simply misunderstood and betrayed "Guardians of the Earth". After the entirety of her religion committed suicide and she refrained, she has been left as the Last of His Kind as far as she knows that follows the practice.
  • Covered in Scars: While she sees it as a terrible thing to show too much skin, there are other reasons she wears so much clothing. Many years of various forms of sacrifice to ghouls have left her body worse for wear in some places.
  • Because of her general lack of height, she often finds herself surrounded by people taller than her. So much taller. The top of her head can't even reach most of her friends' chins. She sits awkwardly in the Huge Guy, Tiny Girl Trope.
  • Break the Believer: Her faith is constantly questioned, and she's been fine with that before hard evidence started being placed before her. Signs her beliefs were for nothing and everything she lost and worked so hard for was falling apart often haunt the back of her thoughts.
  • Broken Bird: She does terrible with signs of weakness. She doesn't like opening herself up to be perceived as weak, and often tries to assert herself as a more powerful member of a group through threats and bullying. Her mentality of social hierarchies lie in her own system similar Food Chain of Evil. People are sorted in her head by capability and strength, and she tries to get as high on that chain as possible.
  • Virtue is Weakness: In many respects, she has been Driven to Villainy by her own survival based ideas. The honor seen by Blanc's side doesn't appeal to her in the face of the humanity's extinction, and she serves those she can be seen to openly despise because it means the survival of more people.
  • Safety in Indifference: She finds the idea of being alone, safe, and upset better than opening up to being hurt. While attempting to change and be more open, she still faces lapses of mistrust and self sabotaging

    Vance Bartholomew
Cartoon Villain
Look, I mean, if we're technically helping them then what's wrong with a liiiittle bit of murder?

Rich kid

Tropes associated with Vance:

  • Rich Bitch: While fallen from grace in the events of the apocalypse, he still has the snark and pride remaining.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He's damn proud of it. He's always after the It Amused Me idea, and actually isn't entirely wrapped up in sadism.
  • Morality Pet: While his relationship with his partner is entirely toxic, he does feel a possessive attachment over Pasha. While Vance constantly encourages his partner to do things morally questionable, Pasha can get Vance to behave in a roundabout way and somewhat brings out better qualities in him.

    Villa Cha
this is a placeholder, use an image of your character
My name's Cha! That's C-H-A!
Villa Cha

Stupid Green Dog Who Is Bad At What She Does.

Tropes associated with Cha:

    Yesung Park
the only one who can partner with me is ME
I want to be strong.

Tropes associated with Yesung:





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